Nintendojo: Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Review

Spyro keeps things planted firmly in the middle of the good / bad spectrum. Even though there are some good ideas, the execution fails to live up to them. The environments and characters are designed nicely but are realized with technical blandness. The music is simply beautiful but the voice acting and sound effects are only mediocre. The gameplay functions perfectly well but none of it is particularly innovative or interesting. Even the overall length of the game falls in the middle at ten to twelve hours.

Regardless of this extreme mediocrity, There are probably some gamers out there who could find plenty of fun. The game's overall tone and simplicity will probably play well with younger gamers so long as more experienced gamer sibling or parent is around to join up for the more difficult parts. However, for the adventure fans still looking for a fix, go back and give Twilight Princess another playthrough instead.

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