Ten worst things to get a hardcore gamer for Christmas

So what do you get the gamer who has everything? The real question is, what shouldn't you get him?

For those of you who are worried about getting the wrong gift for that hardcore gamer you love, here is a quick list that should help point out some bad gift ideas.

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CrippleH3598d ago

How about Wii Music.

That game as a present would be an insult.

Killjoy30003598d ago

This list isn't complete without the Wii console iself.

KingGhost933598d ago

A game you can't stand, and someone ends up buying it for you

panasonic233598d ago

little big planet wtf is this sh!t i wanted mgs4 not sackboy i got my own sack

Gaara_7243598d ago

i think its about time you go look for that "sack" :l jokes

LokMessier3598d ago

...You know I thought this would be about games majorly, but come on I was a bit disappointed D:

Out of this list I enjoy quite a few of these things, a book, clothes, gift cards, and tea. [Salad spinner wtf!? =.=]

Anyway books are great they can pretty much be the storyline of a game, just without the interaction of mashing buttons and all that. Plus since I'm artistic I guess that's why I like them :3, Clothes well just because when your 19 your still growing so clothes are a big help, at least you yourself don't have to buy them. gift cards just because I don't trust my parents to get me a game >_> sister yes since she is as much of a heavy gamer as myself, but parents and grandparents no.

As for tea...Well I just like tea, but if they get it for me it better be at least a year's supply or something; but overall I would like to say WTF for including tea -.-'

Foxgod3598d ago

I am a hardcore gamer, i go to the gym, i wear expensive clothes.
This article is aimed at hardcore gamers from the 90ies, a modern day hardcore gamer is more like me.

DevastationEve3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Agreed! Not every gamer out there is a slobbering mess of sock sweat and cheetos (no disrespect to those who are).

I would think now more than ever gamers really need fat wallets to be able to afford gaming. And hos. And they are in a lot better shape, not Levis Model shape but okay shape.

ApolloT4L3598d ago

I happen to play five-a-side football weekly.

BIGELLOW3598d ago

...I, too, am a hardcore gamer. I also have a treadmill and a recumbent exercise bike in my apartment. I exercise regularly and am in decent shape. I don't have a body-builder physique, but I'm not overweight and dying. I occasionally enjoy reading, but I can't always find the time to read. This isn't so much because of my gaming habits, but because I also have plenty of other things to do with my time. I also happen to like tea (iced tea, that is)... and generally felt this article had promise, but missed the boat.

bviperz3598d ago

Fox, I feel ya. I can bench almost twice my weight and my watch is more expensive than my launch 360. The old 'hardcore gamer' stigma is gone.

Proxy3598d ago


Seriously though, I was glad to read an article that didn't say.


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