Unlock Namco Treats In Home

After some grade A investigatory work, Colid McFedran writes: "Head on over to the Hong Kong PSN to get the Namco Arcade Beta. You'll get treated to some Home schwag.

Download Namco Arcade from Hong Kong store.
* Play game with your main account (ie the one you go on Home with)
* Get high scores
* Be rewarded with gifts next time you enter home (T-shirts, hats, decorations and up to 4 arcade cabinets for your home.)"

(Pics showing off the Namco gear and arcade cabinets are found in the story)

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meepmoopmeep3596d ago

hah! i want that retro Pacman shirt

RevN8r3596d ago

I got it and the Pacman Arcade Box in my space now, I'm gonna wait 'til tomorrow to get the others - it's late and I have to be up way early.

Bren863596d ago

Can I put these items back in UK home after I unlock them in the hong kong home?

Unreal29013596d ago

when you put the arcade cabinets in your space they wont work because they are region locked well i downloaded it from japan but the hong kong one might work ??? i carnt logoin to home anyway the uk servers are a mess, usa is fine though thanks again sony for shafting the uk an europe you just look after your precious americans

-EvoAnubis-3596d ago

JPN won't work. Delete that one, then get the one from HK. That'll work.

Hot_tea3596d ago

My ps3 got the dreaded 'YLOD' two days ago and I am GUTTED.
I was about to get Sony to send me the 'Coffin' and get them to repair it, but decided to go with videogame911 because they try to save my hard drive data.
Anyway....i want those Namco shirts! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

beavis4play3596d ago

i'm not questioning your honesty......just what is this YLOD supposed to be? you can pm me if you'd like as i am curious to what it is. thanks!

Unreal29013596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

is your ps3 still under warranty. if so take it back to the store you go it they will just give you a new one probly a blue ray pack with dual shock as some older models like 40gig they dont stock anymore so you could be upgrading for free

Hot_tea3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

It's a launch (nov 17/06) version. The big fatty!! 4 x usb and memory card readers, ps1/ps2 fullchipsets inside...
I was playing SSF2t the other night and all of a sudden it powered off. When I tried to switch it on again it does a flashing yellow light, then beeps twice and goes back to red! YELLOW LIGHT OF DEATH!
Similar to 360's RROD but I think the Sony failure rate is around 6% not 33!! Anyway I'm bummed out, coz it's out of warranty and I didn't back up my hard disk and Sony said I will lose all the data.
So videogame911 is way better, they fix YOUR machine and save your data if possible. Sony mostly will give you a refurb or a different one entirely, and I don't want that. I want my 60g BEAST!!
Oh yeah, any other ps3 IMO is a DOWNGRADE. The launch one has 4 usb's full memory card readers and like I said ps1 and ps2 full chipset.
As a huge fighting and rpg fan, I don't want any of that emulation crap.

Here is a link for you guys on YLOD (hardware failure)

Bummed out man. Mother in law is sending me the Dark Knight Blu Ray this Christmas..hope I get my rig back in time.

beavis4play3596d ago

have you tried holding in the power button for 15-20 seconds? or disconnecting your power for several minutes? if it's near a heat source it might be too hot.
if you've tried all of that then that's a real bummer. problems like that are really irritating. good luck.

Lombax3596d ago

"I think the Sony failure rate is around 6%"

Actually it's less than 2%. >.0

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The story is too old to be commented.