The Most Underrated Sega Genesis RPGs

Sega Genesis had a handful of outstanding RPGs like Phantasy Star IV and Shining Force II. Outside of the very best examples, many of the Sega Genesis RPGs did not get the amount of recognition they deserved.

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bouzebbal455d ago

Yes OMG.. I didn't know it was called this.. In Europe it was called Soleil.
I remember restarting it as soon as I finished it..

Story of Thor, Light Crusader deserve a special mention!!!

MrChow666455d ago

Light Crusader is the definition of underrated, love that game

RetroCaptainSteve455d ago

Loved Light Crusader! And funny, Story of Thor is Beyond Oasis here.

Yui_Suzumiya456d ago

Naughty Dog's Rings of Power

darthv72455d ago

...because of the actual game or that 'alternate' title screen???

Yui_Suzumiya455d ago

Hell yes.. I remember reading about that code in a gaming magazine when I was a kid, lol

Jiub456d ago

I really wish they would make new single player Phantasy Star games

Jiub455d ago

And also, PSIII is way underrated

autobotdan455d ago

Sorcerer's Kingdom by Treco

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The story is too old to be commented.