Microsoft Defeats a Seven-Year-Old Bug

Microsoft recently released two new patches, one of which fixes a security hole that the company has been trying to plug since 2001. Amazingly, no one exploited the hole during those seven years.

Previous patches had mitigated the problem, so Microsoft rated its severity level as Important, the second-highest rating on the company's four-tier scale.

This bug primarily affects Windows XP (which some 700 million people still use) and Windows 2000. For Windows Vista, the risk is only Moderate, Microsoft's second-lowest rating, and the bug affects a key authentication protocol for a network technology called System Message Block (SMB). Exploiting the security hole would let an attack program capture user or program credentials, granting a successful attacker full control over the compromised PC.

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MGRogue20173599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Nice one Microsoft!! =)

They are always good at this sort of stuff.

Ghoul3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

just becauuse you are a fan of the 360 doesnt make ms a good company.
Windows is a technical mess, and will allways be.

"They are always good at this sort of stuff. "

They are good at releaseing beta OS to the public, and patching the hell out of it and MAYBE get the crap running after the 3rd service pack and 4 years time.

"one of which fixes a security hole that the company has been trying to plug since 2001"

sorry but that is unacceptable, but please celebrate your favorite company.

Raptura3599d ago

I don't know if you were being serious or sarcastic.......

Can't tell, impossible to tell
But I sure hope it was sarcasm because THEY ARE SOOOOOOO GOOD WHEN IT COMES TO THIS STUFF.

oh yes and the 360, soooooo good

f7897903599d ago

7 YEARS? Really? You created a whole new operating system with the same bug? How the F#@$ is that possible?

Elven63599d ago

I can't speak on behalf of Microsoft, just on behalf of my computer programming skills. It's hard stuff trying to patch a line of code, at times a single variable change can lead to 100s of "corrupt" lines and so on. (Unfortunately, I've had experience)

All I can say is it's a good thing no one else found out :p

gaffyh3599d ago

oh crap, that means it'll be 7 years before the RRoD is fixed.


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Madbrain3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Maybe after seven years Microsoft will find a way to fix the RROD in XFLOP360...

SONYSLAVE3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

yeah 25 million sold of those RROD's

BUT TEH PS2 WAS A AMAZING CONSOLE no faults even with the dreaded RROD people perfer the true gaming console not the overhyped 4D delaystation 3.

I freaking mean its the ps3 why isnt it killing the 360

bu but teh cell oh yeah twice the power as the Xenos yeah whatever Kutaragi... GO LOOK AT YOUR NEXT PEARL HARBER attack sony does not care for you sad droids

boy o boy i really wonder why phil left phony???!!

why droids you bash the XBOX 360? Oh I see its only the second XBOX and it's already making the playstation brand look pathetic.

13 years in gaming COME ON SONY!!!

dukadork3599d ago

there's hope for your lingering ASS irritation xbots


farhsa20083599d ago

ghould i agree completely, microsoft are a mess, vista is full of horse crap, i am surprised they fixed it within 7 years, normally 10 years seems to be the starting point.

Proxy3599d ago

What is some of this "horse crap" you speak of? Able to provide any specifics?

If your going to list RAM usage as part of that "horse crap" then please answer this:

If you pay 100+ for the OS, is it unreasonable to ask you to buy 30$ worth in ram to run the OS properly? 30$ can buy 4 gigs of ram, not the best ram, but not bad none-the-less.

Compatibility is an issue for some programs, but I guess that's just the price you pay for 64 bit and the ability to use more than 3 gigs of ram.

farhsa20083599d ago

that's if you are lucky, M$ always dig themselves in sh**

ultimolu3599d ago

Well..perhaps you can fix that issue at my former college MS where...idk, someone's USB drive gets corrupted?

thereapersson3599d ago

That's not only the OS acting up

Sometimes that has to do with shoddy hardware configuration or a driver that went bad (that wasn't originally part of Windows).

I know that USB drivers can become corrupted, or the flash drive itself can become unstable in the i/o transfer, leading to data corruption.

ultimolu3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Since I work with computers, I received this email.

"In the last six weeks, Hunter, along with many other institutions, has been affected by a family of USB-based computer viruses. The Pentagon and the U.S. Army have been impacted so severely that they have banned the use of USB storage devices. To avoid such measures at Hunter, and to help safeguard students and faculty against disruption to their work in the lead-up to Finals Week, (a period when Flash Drive usage increases), ICIT is encouraging the Hunter community to take precautionary measures.

The USB viruses primarily affect Windows XP computers, but other Windows platforms are also vulnerable. Mac and Linux seem to be immune. The problem is so wide-spread that we suggest proceeding with caution with any flash drive."

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