PS3 Home is surprisingly quite fun

Game.Blorge writes:

The PS3 Home open beta just launched recently and I had the chance to try out the latest version of the software (1.03). Even though I have been in the beta for some time the latest version feels like a completely new experience.

If you read my previous article, I did talk down the value of the PS3 Home calling it useless. During my time within Home prior to 1.03, I felt like the whole experience was uneventful and almost forgettable. However, after version 1.03 the whole experience changed within Home.

For starters there are now lots of people everywhere. Previously, the Home square was a desolate place, because there was nothing to do there. Now the square is bustling with Home users everywhere. The square received a complete redesign, with a new saucer based game smack right in the middle of the area.

The saucer game is actually pretty entertaining, as any user can run up to the lake area and press 'X' to join in. The game is pretty challenging and quite difficult to get a high score. The music area inside the square now actually has a selection you can vote on to listen too. (Anybody manage to get a score above 350 in Saucer Pop?)

With the influx of users within Home, it just has a new fresh vibe that it didn't have before. I actually found some very interesting conversations going on within Home about games and movies.

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Danja3600d ago

Bowling....being my faves so far..;D

cRaZyLeGs 933600d ago

Home is really fun. I love annoying people playing chess by dancing around the table.

Alvadr3600d ago

I love Home, its awesome and I can see it really going somewhere. Hopefully they will fix these connection issues soon though.. Havent been able to get on yet today :((

Agent VX3600d ago

OK, the industry experts have spoken, and the VAST MAJORITY have said the "Home" is pointless, boring and only a few will enjoy this service.

I didn't get into the beta, but I have talked to my die hard Sony friend, and even he is quite disappointed with Home.

To be quite honest here, if my PS3 didn't have Bluray function and still didn't happen to be one a the best Bluray players around, I would sell this console. The only time I have turned on the system is when I rent a few Bluray movies from blockbuster. Gaming wise, it has been quite a disappointment, and the poor reviews of Home ain't helping.

P.S. If you haven't got the new Batman on bluray yet, do yourself a favor and get it, it is the best movie yet on bluray.

Asurastrike3600d ago

I got bored of Home within 10 minutes. So I decided to let my mom try it because she is probably closer to the target audience. I was right, it took her 5 minutes longer to get bored and say it was pointless.

HDgamer3600d ago

Home isn't for everybody and its not a game. Just a social network, too bad they don't have an option to link to myspace or facebook.

Zeevious3600d ago

Two down . . . Seventeen Million to go!

Seriously...Home isn't there to entertain you.
It's the members in Home that add the interest.

If you or your Mother never stopped to talk to anyone, do anything social, or get involved in anything it wasn't Home that failed you.

That's why Home is completely's great to meet others into social gaming, but not for everyone.

austere3600d ago

ya I think it is for people that don't have real friends.

LeonSKennedy4Life3600d ago

It's official...

HOME is not for gamers that still love with their mothers...

rogimusprime3600d ago

that comment was a lot more tactful than anything I was thinking about getting your mom involved with home.

Have a bubble.

yamamoto1143600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

It feels like a lot of extra, unneeded added between menu options, imo. Now I can't just press down to select the next option on the menu, I have to download the right zone, zone in, and walk all the way over to a terminal or whatever order to select the next option on the menu.


JsonHenry3600d ago

I have to agree with you. HOME is boring to me too. But hey, it is free.

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LittleBigKillzone3600d ago

3d virtual world to play pool, bowling and chess. think of it this way, if you are so insecure with yourself that you cant admit you like Home, pretend Sony just gave you free pool,bowling and chess games at no charge. Me personally, I find Home to be amazing and love game launching into warhawk and pool is very fun and addictive

LittleBigKillzone3600d ago

Your right, absolutly right.. Infact, online gaming as a whole is pointless. I mean why play games like Madden or NBA online when you can just do it in real life. Infact i say do away with gaming period, afterall its for losers with no friends.

I hope you sense the sarcasm there. So if you really believe what your saying, that online gaming is pointless also

kevnb3600d ago

but go ahead continue being excited by it.

rockleex3600d ago

Exactly, Home's NOT a game nor is it supposed to be.

Its a online environment for gamers to socialize, with added mini-games and activities to help break the ice.

Home is basically a 3D Facebook for gamers.

But that's not all Home offers either. Over time, it will add more and more developer spaces, sponsor spaces, etc.

In fact, Sony could decide to add anything Sony wants in Home. Home could possibly become anything! In fact, Sony encourages users to provide feedback of what they want Home to become.

So yes, right now, Home may not appeal to every gamer. But if you want Home to start appealing to you, then start giving Sony feedback on how you want Home to shape out.

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40cal3600d ago

Played some saucer pop, pool, and Ice breakers ( unlocked some items), then talked to some people about the Dark Knight Blu-Ray and to some young lady who was hiding in the corner of one of the arcades from some guy who was following her around, she seemed cool enough, kind of made me laugh though.

Sheddi3600d ago

I bought the dark knight two days ago on blu-ray. The picture is crystal clear! A must have movie!

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