Microsoft: Hole exploit endangers all IE versions

An unpatched security hole in Internet Explorer that is being exploited affects all versions of the browser, making it more serious than originally believed when it was first publicized two days ago, Microsoft says.

Microsoft is investigating reports of attacks against a new vulnerability in IE but said in an update to a security advisory issued late on Thursday that all versions of IE are potentially vulnerable.

The company recommends setting the Internet zone security setting to "high" and using access control lists to disable Ole32db.dll to provide the most effective protection against an attack.

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Mikelarry3599d ago

I switched to firefox. but damn ms for making it impossible to remove the broken browser from the operating system (vista).

Karum3599d ago

Internet Explorer is garbage, it's reasons like this I don't use it.

ultimolu3599d ago

I agree. Too many bugs and viruses. :/
I use Opera/Firefox/Chrome

Hagaf223599d ago

im truly surprised any one uses ie nowadays, chrome is much faster and firefox is much safer, take your pick but both are better than ie.

cactuschef3599d ago

This is news? Of course IE has a hole exploit that endangers all IE versions. That's why I use Firefox.

Skynetone3599d ago

nothing can add it self to my registry without me knowing abot it, and any added entries can be deleted easily

i wonder if thats enough to keep me safe

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The story is too old to be commented.