Lazy PC Ports are Coming Back

From GamesReviews:"PC ports have been in something of a golden age, so of course publishers are starting to push the limits of what fans will accept…"

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Vits147d ago

Yeah, I mean it was something more or less inevitable.
Now on the PC space, we are dealing with stores that give no voice to the consumer and that are only interested in growing no matter the cost. And companies that already had a shaky relationship with PC ports like Square here will take complete advantage of that.

lonewolf10147d ago

Will be interesting to see the feedback etc. once it gets released on Steam.

VerminSC147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Honestly one of the reasons I stopped PC gaming. I was so sick of bad ports, cheaters, compatibility/driver issues, etc.

It’s nice after work just being able to press one button, Sit on the couch and know shit will work without issue.

ChubbyBlade147d ago

Almost none of this has been an issue for well over a decade. There’s still the rare bad port but driver issues and “press one button and sit on the couch” has literally been available on Pc for 20 years. You can ply a pc into a tv. Shocker I know. Wow didn’t you know they use wireless controllers too? Omg no way! From any brand?! Wow!

anast147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

@ Chubby Really. I didn't know that it was that easy to just plug in a controller and's not, unless you want to spend your free time fiddling with the controls to get them right instead of gaming.

Also every majority of PC gamers have their expensive rigs sitting on the floor next to their TV, because it so common, people have overwhelmingly been doing this for 20 years ...

Bad ports are rare, when have they been rare? They happen all the time.

A top tier rig is the best gaming experience, but people are not very bright if they think PC is the most convenient way to play on the couch.

CrimsonIdol147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

@ anast, wot?
"I didn't know that it was that easy to just plug in a controller and's not"
it literally is.

Angyobangyo147d ago

I partially agree with your statement. Consoles have usually been a much more simpler way to game over PC gaming, but as consoles have become more PC like over the years, it also has its fair share of issues. Cheating exists regardless of platform nowadays. Play any FPS game on consoles and you'll run into gamers who use adapters which enables kb/m, cronus devices to have no recoil and other advantages, games released broken that needs patching, buying a new game especially physical on PS (not sure if Xbox is the same, I don't own that system) isn't as simple as inserting the disc in anymore. You have to wait for it to install, and then there's massive day one patches to download and install.

Lets also talk about how terrible refund policies with Sony and Nintendo. Regardless if the game is a mess or broken, once you start even downloading it, the can't request refunds. Meanwhile steam gives you two hours to refund if you think either the game isn't for you or outright a broken mess.

NotoriousWhiz146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

It's funny. I haven't done pc gaming in awhile. I did have a few steam games from back in the day, so I decided to try to play Bastion on Steam a few months ago. I plugged in my controller. I could use my controller to navigate the menus in steam. I selected the game: Bastion. The game booted. And it wouldn't respond to my controller. So I hopped off and started playing on my Switch instead. As a busy person, I don't have time to be troubleshooting PC issues.

VerminSC146d ago


In the last decade of PC gaming you haven’t had any of these issues? Lol ok man, that’s bullshit and you know it.

I was a PC gamer for years and had issues on a monthly if not weekly basis.

When you work full time you don’t want to deal with shit not working, you just want to relax and not think.

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cluclap146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

@crimson Right? Lol from what I know since at least 2011-12 Microsoft has done a lot to streamline the process of connecting an Xbox controller to windows. (I know they had controller support before that but then we'd have to talk about games for windows which uhm... Yea. Lol)

masterfox147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

do they ever leave? :D

BrainSyphoned147d ago

Kind of. There are plenty of lazy ports but broken stuff like Arkham isn't as prevalent. Part of that is just window live being dead

FinalFantasyFanatic147d ago

I always feel that SE is a bit lazy with it's porting, I can't think of many games they ported to PC that went relatively smoothly.

Furesis147d ago

I think dragon quest and ff xv are good? It's a bit of a coinflip and the fact that people tend to remember the bad ones more than the good ones, in fact people barely talk about the good ports, but that is to be expected. I can tell tho from experience, that it is not as bad as people make it out to be.

porkChop147d ago

Dragon Quest and FFXV were good ports. I remember Kingdom Hearts 3 was supposed to be a good port. It's not recent, but Sleeping Dogs was excellent on PC.

FinalFantasyFanatic146d ago

I never played the PC ports of Dragon Quest and FF15, I got them both on PS4 instead, I just remember alot of the FFs, Chrono Trigger, Nier Automata, ect...

annoyedgamer147d ago

Yea these tings slow down near the end of a console generation since the PCs outclass the consoles. But when a new generation launches developers go right back primary console development, sometimes even previous generation. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for example is designed for the PS4.

Crueltylizer147d ago

They raise the price and lower the quality.

Mr_Writer85147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

But you see plenty of PC gamers boasting about PC games sales and how they pay less than console.gamers.

So why would publishers spend money on a game that most won't buy until it's heavily on sale?

Where as consoles they will get huge sales (if the game is good) and 1 million games sold at £70 per copy will make them more money than 5m sales at £10 per copy.

got_dam147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

It's not quite like that. Most of us will buy a game at full price on release just like on console. The ones who go to the Grey market sites for everything are a vocal minority. The fact that Sony id planning more and more releases for pc shows that the sales are there. It's like everything else on the internet, most of the random comments you read are posted by random sweats that pretend to speak for an entire community. In reality they only speak for a fraction. Hell, I may be one of those random sweats!

ChubbyBlade147d ago

You need to stop reading propaganda. It’s not healthy for you.

Mr_Writer85146d ago (Edited 146d ago )


Re Sony, hmmmm it's an experiment atm, and whilst sure they probably have made profit on the PC ports.

Let's not kid ourselves, the numbers back up my theory.

Take HZD for example. In its first two weeks it sold 2.6m copies on PS4. With at least 99% of those sales being at full RRP.

On PC 765k in its first month. This is a game which many consider a "good port".

Either PC only gamers need to put their hand in their pockets and then demand the better ports.

Or just accept that publishers will put profit over customer satisfaction and save and continue saving money.


A quick Google search on one game shows I'm right, if you can present evidence that games that got "good ports" sold as many units at launch as their console counter parts then please present it.

I deal in facts, not arguments with no substance.

got_dam145d ago

Yeah, and the pc reception and sales of days gone convinced Sony to rethink their decision to make Sony bend a support only studio. Not sure what's up your ass, man. I'm not saying pc is going to outsell console. I'm just saying this idea that all pc players are pirates is complete bullshit. I'm not even arguing pc master race. Again, just because there IS piracy doesn't mean it's a rampant problem.

Mr_Writer85145d ago (Edited 145d ago )


I never once mentioned piracy, or PC master race, so maybe, stop, take a deep breath and not just read but also comprehend what I am actually saying.

Rather than jumping off about some argument that I didn't even make.

My argument is simple. Want to see better ports? Well you won't until the mass PC market of players put their hands in their pockets and buy more games day one rather than waiting for hefty discounts.

"I'm not saying pc is going to outsell console" and that's my point, it's because of that, it's the reason PC gamers get such lazy ports.

And it's not even a chase of "if the ports are good we will buy it full price" as I gave an example of HZD which was a good port of a great game, and PC gamers didn't even break a million sales in one month.

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Outlawzz147d ago

I'm a console gamer. If I go on PC to play it's going to be on steam. It works and I have had zero issues playing. I have no reason to go out and try all these different stores, it's a nuisance tbh when games are exclusive to certain stores on PC, there's enough of that with the console wars.

IanTH147d ago

You'll be best served by having 99% of your games on Steam, but I also have a few other launchers - some required, others by choice. Mainly I'll use those if there's a better deal available & I know they are feature complete. You'll be well served to have Epic's launcher, even if only to get free games; weekly most of the time, with 1 free every day for 2 weeks around Christmas. I'll also grab stuff there on occasion when it is both on sale & have one of their $10 coupons available. Otherwise, pretty much all on Steam (& a tad on GOG).

curtain_swoosh146d ago

im a console gamer too, but if a pc game is cheaper on a different launcher, u better believe i go there.

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