PS3Evolved: Party Mode Trophies Added to Burnout Paradise! Sort of…

Originally, and to earn the Platinum Trophy (which he has) you needed to earn 57 trophies. With the addition of the Bike Pack this summer another seven were added, for a total of 64! (source:

Now, with the looming release of the Burnout Paradise Party it appears another seven (7) are going to be added. Well depends on where you look!

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Twister3600d ago

Criterion just keeps on givin' and givin.. <3

micro_invader3600d ago

So, this party pack,is it free? I don't mind if it isn't but does anybody know?

machete squad steve3600d ago

they have yet to release the price on the download but it will be included with the ultimate pack on feb 3rd.

INFECTED5033600d ago

criterion has said that the party pack will cost some money though..

Mikelarry3600d ago

got my first platinum on this game. if the party packs are free why not the more trophies the merrier.

ZILLA3600d ago

ive been playing BURNOUT since the 2nd one and it is the greatest crash game EVER.i was a huge MC DUB EDITION fan and got MC LA and didnt like it,so i traded it in and bought NFS CARBON and put the rest down on KILLZONE 2.let me tell you if your short on cash and want a AAA driving game,GET CARBON its awsum.single player and online.PLAY B3YOND!!!P.S.ill be getting the party pack either way,if they charge or not.