Cyberpunk designer responds to lack of police chases: ‘Elden Ring won’t have them either’

From VGC: "Cyberpunk 2077 quest director Pawel Sasko has provided a response as to why the game doesn’t feature police chases.

When asked why the game doesn’t feature police chases on a recent live stream, instead opting for police to spawn behind you randomly, the developer pushed back on the idea that “all” open-world games have these encounters, citing some examples."

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VersusDMC147d ago

HA! That's a good excuse for the future. "That game didn't have it!!"

And did the cops in GTA just teleport behind you? Pretty sure they drove in. At least i don't remember them just being behind me.

n1kki6147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

"Sasko goes on to say that the real reason for the lack of car chase mechanics was an inability to get it working in the game before launch and that they eventually gave up on having it."

LOL. Comments like this from CDPR are why they were clearly in over their head, and are still in over their head.
They are building an open word game in a city, that is supposed to feel lived in and they couldn't get police chases working? Dafuq.

VenomUK147d ago

Police chases were part of the original design but were not included because of an inability to get the function working. This is quite shocking to me as this wasn't' a small team or low budget game, this was an ambitious undertaking with a triple-A budget made over several years. If the tech people couldn't get it working then surely the game director shouldn't leave police chases out but instead should hire more qualified tech people?

savedsynner147d ago

Yeah seems odd. Either he is lying or the engine they were using made it unnecessarily complicated because all police chases are are cops spawned a little while away and then given a target of the player character...hard to believe that would be hard to implement.

I still love CDPR but the more we learn from CP2077 the more it seems they were way outside their technical comfort zone.

Also keep in mind especially witcher 1 and two were not amazing gameplaywise. Story and character wise they were off the charts, but witcher 1 had an innovative yet clunky combat system which witcher 2 improved upon, but still wasn't great. Witcher 3 was the best of the bunch but also didn't have amazing gameplay(very good yes but not amazing) so it's safe to say gameplay/combat is not CDPRs strong suit.

Since this was going to be an FPS/RPG, rather than have your current staff handle it, they should have got some top FPS talent to lead(maybe they did but I doubt it) since the gun play in CP2077 is good but again, nothing amazing.

FWIW, I think Witcher 4 or whatever the next AAA title they have coming will be amazing as a game because they see the hit studios lie Bioware have taken from multiple sub par releases in a row. Plus they seem to have quite a bit of money(even tho IIRC their stock dropped in response to CP2077's bad launch)

ufo8mycat147d ago

This sadly shows their lack of game development experience/skills.

They seemed to have just got lucky with The Witcher 3, which I consider one of the greatest games of all time, though I heard a lot of the people that worked on Witcher left and didn’t work on Cyberpunk and it shows.

bouzebbal147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

This studio is a joke! It's official

fr0sty146d ago

I'm not even a game developer, and I know how to make a police chase mechanic work in PS4's Dreams...

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MrBaskerville147d ago

Tbf, Cyberpunk has more in common with Deus Ex than with GTA, so maybe it's silly to expect the game to be comparable to GTA.

Yui_Suzumiya146d ago

GTA is the biggest pile of junk in the gaming industry to begin with, lol. So I hope nobody would compare their game to that train wreck franchise.

TheLigX146d ago

A lot of dummies voting you down… totally get what you’re saying. 1000% accurate.

Epicor146d ago

This. Although actually in GTA every single NPC and car indeed just teleport close to you. All NPC assets are just pre-programmed 2D models when they are far away. Only when they get close to players the models are changed to actual 3D models.

MrBaskerville146d ago

True, but they do a better job creating the illusion.

But if you want a crime sandbox where you fuck around with police and stuff, Cyberpunk isn't the answer and it was never meant to be. It's about the story, the missions and the atmosphere. This can work without police chases. It really is the least of the games problems. The bugs were an issue, but it got a whole lot better last february.

yeahokwhatever142d ago

GTA cops certainly teleport in. Usually from further away than 100m or so behind you, but not always. GTA isnt real, people. lol...

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VerminSC147d ago

So stupid. It’s like saying “we didn’t have flying cars in the game but neither did Skyrim!”

SenorFartCushion147d ago

They’re not saying specifically that, they’re talking about mechanics. Chase mechanics in general. They’re not really talking police-focussed changes, just chases in general.

It’s not a good answer regardless, and on top of it all, they did actually try to have chases in the game; they just failed.

CorndogBurglar146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Exactly, I don't know why you're getting downvoted. It's like in Skyrim. They had police chases also, but the "police" were city guards. And they chased you on foot. But they came running from wherever they were stationed. They didn't just spawn in right behind you.

And considering that skyrim and even oblivion was so big, the guards likely spawned in somewhere before they started chasing you, but it certainly wasn't right behind you. You can see them running toward you from far away, and from the direction that they were previously.

CorndogBurglar146d ago

Not really. They are talking about chase mechanics in general.

For example, Skyrim did have police chases. But the police were guards in cities and they had to chase on foot. And to compare that to Cyberpunk, the guards in Skyrim didn't just Spawn in behind you instantly. They literally chased you on foot and came running from where ever their post was in the city. Same with Oblivion.

But thats the difference. Those games had NPC's with a daily "cycle" or "schedule/route" that they followed every day. Cyberpunk doesn't have that.

Levii_92147d ago

Wow.. you have completely lost it CDPR

Flewid638147d ago

Of all the most generic, "done it a million times" things you could do in a video game....THIS is that important?

n1kki6147d ago

Absolutely. Given the story of the game and wanted the world to feel lived in their should be chases. Given this answer they thought there should too, but couldn't figure it out.

"Sasko goes on to say that the real reason for the lack of car chase mechanics was an inability to get it working in the game before launch and that they eventually gave up on having it."

If they didn't think it should have chases, he would have said, they didn't fee like it added to the game or the experience.

DVAcme147d ago

Yes. Cause the Night City Police Department is an ESSENTIAL part of the Cyberpunk tabletop experience, not only the regular beat cops, but the Psycho Squad that gets called in whenever a cyborg goes on a rampage, i.e. the one they should call ON YOU. You know, the Psycho Squad that WAS SHOWN IN THE GAME'S FUCKING REVEAL TRAILER 7 YEARS AGO?