Hot Wheels Unleashed Units Sold Now at 1 Million Sales Worldwide

Mattel announced that the Hot Wheels Unleashed units sold are now sitting one million units, which makes this the fastest-selling Milestone game ever.

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Orchard158d ago

Not a headline I really expected to read, but congrats to the team.

Outlawzz158d ago

Good for them, I've heard good things about the game so hopefully this shows them people appreciate the hard work put in

LucasRuinedChildhood158d ago

It's good to see racing games being successful.

We need more good racing games. Still annoyed that Criterion's Need for Speed game was temporarily shelved for BF 2042 (lol).

EvertonFC157d ago

Can't wait for circuit superstars

JustTheFax158d ago

I bought it yesterday for PC!

Limitedtimestruggle158d ago

It's a fantastic fun game, happy to see these numbers! There are some CRAZY tracks made by other players out there :D

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The story is too old to be commented.