WWE 2K22 Could Be Incredible, as Long as It Does This

COG: Visual Concepts smashed it with their WWE 2K22 ‘Hit List’ trailer, however, there are still a few features needed to become the world champ!

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Terry_B156d ago

Thats like the 4th Article now on N4G about how great WWE2k22 could be.

ZeekQuattro156d ago

The following announcement was paid for by the New World Order. Lol

Inverno156d ago

Perhaps if people are set up for massive disappointment they can start being more smart about future purchases?

Deathdeliverer156d ago

WWE isn’t even incredible right now. Need to be writing about what kind of AEW game needs to come out so they’d be winning on TV and in digital entertainment.

JBryant0619156d ago

I'm just curious to see how outdated this Roster is gonna be. feels like 100+ people have been released during 2020/2021.

Chocoburger155d ago

lol, it won't be anything near 'incredible'. The WWE doesn't care about their games quality anymore, Take-Two doesn't care about their games quality, either.

Where is all this blind faith coming from? What have they done to earn such hope from them? The series stopped being fun to play after 'Here Comes the Pain'. The controls are too convoluted, the mini-games mid-match are stupid, using the right analog stick to perform moves isn't as enjoyable as the simple, yet deep mechanics from the AKI games of yesteryear.

Just give it up, go back to the classics, you don't need modern HD graphics when the gameplay and presentation completely falls flat.