Cyberpunk 2077 Metro Mod Gameplay 4K (with Instructions) - Will this be added to consoles?

CG writes:Here we take a look at the Cyberpunk 2077 metro mod from the awesome modder keanuWheeze which allows V and companions to travel the Night City metro. Obviously this is only available for PC, but we wonder if CDPR will add this feature to the game when it releases for current gen consoles next year so that everyone can experience it. Most of the infrastructure is there, aside from perhaps moving assets so the car doesn't clip through solid objects. In addition, as far as the story is concerned, they could disable the entire metro system until players reach the main act when the game world opens proper. This would prevent players disembarking into an area they shouldn't before the story allows. If you cast you memories back to the 2018 E3 reveal trailer which shows V in a metro cart, perhaps CDPR will add this fully fledged system? Either way, this is an impressive mod and neat showcase for looking at Night City from above in all its glory.

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Spenok146d ago

Right? Such a dumb, click-baity question.

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GhostTurtle147d ago

"Most Pointless article of the week" award goes to cramgaming

porkChop147d ago

It's a mod. Like, what? This is a bit different from the load time fix/mod for GTA V that Rockstar made official. That was an easy implementation.