2008 YTD sales (for U.S. & Japan)

PS3blog writes "These numbers are cumulative YTD numbers throughout 2008 and include both NPD (US) and MediaCreate (Japan) numbers...360 is making big gains, but PS3 is still barely ahead for YTD 2008. And this is without Europe data where PS3 has also had a large edge during 2008. PS2 is surprisingly not far behind either."

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fuzon4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

thats YTD for US and JAPAN

add EU and PS3 has a 2m advantage over x360 in YTD sales

in europe put PS3 = 2x as X360

so just like 2007 PS3 will win 2008 in WW sales


100 euro/150 dollar and dead in eu/japan and still is the least selling console in the world

rhood0224667d ago

And yet the PS3 is doomed?

fuzon4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

If u take PAL sales

so by the end of the year even if x360 gains traction PS3 will beat it in YTD sales

price cut wont have any impact in the RICHEST ARAB WORLD where everyone wants nothing but PS3s. PS3 has 90% marketshare in ME+Arabian peninsula and in South east asia

so u do the math

SONY sold 17m ps3s by september

expect them to sell at least 23m by December since SONY sold 6m PS3s last year during Oct -december

Plus WKS and MUSOU will move around extra 200k -500k consoles in Japan

so for x360 its over


Its american media man...dont know whether u are american but u do know about US media for sure


Cnet/CNN and Gamespot are all owned by a same company which has affiliation with Microsoft

morganfell4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Exactly. CNN should do some research next time.

Go here:

And point them to the facts.

Aquanox4667d ago

According to this

The PS3 is outselling the Xbox 360 in Europe YTD by 500k and shrinking each week where Microsoft has been largely outselling Sony in the continent (and Australia, Other Asian Countries, etc...)

By the end of the year, The Xbox 360 should tie or even surpass the PS3 in Europe YTD. In America, the difference will be of about 1 million in favor of the Xbox 360 is this trend continues (and nothing suggests it wont) and the only territory ending in favor of the PS3 will be Japan.

By the end of the year, the Xbox 360 will have a quite interesting advantage over the PS3 in 2008 sales Worldwide... widening the original gap between them since the end of 2006.

Lastly,For those who say Sony outsold MS in 2007 Worldwide, please check again, they didn't.

Sorry guys, but there's no way Sony will outsell Microsoft this year Worldwide unless a last minute price drop happens... which seems very unlikely.

evolved14667d ago

PS3 9,026,048
XBOX 360 8,990,077


ultimolu4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

You failed from the minute you used VG Chartz evolved.

Let me repeat that.


morganfell4667d ago

VGChartz = Last refuge of the deniers. Thanks for identifying two more people that should be put on ignore. Anyone dumb enough to use VGChartz in a discussion to support their view has nothing, absolutely nothing worthwhile to say.

Xbox is the BEST4667d ago

360 maybe the least selling system worldwide but it sells the most software to gamers.

EVOLVED4666d ago

so how can they be that off. dumb f-ck/.

EVOLVED4666d ago

here's truth, you are all mostly as- holes that don't support american products and don't like good games from the looks of it







San anto4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

MAN I LOVE TO TYPE IN TEH CAPS YEAH!?!?!?!11111111!!?!


Piece Of Spooge 34666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

I'll tell you what. I will buy you an xbox 360 this year for xmas. You will finally have something to do besides sitting on this site all day defending your P.O.S console. Oh're muslim and don't celebrate xmas. You get nothing! whahahaaaaa!!!

2016 IS TEH YEAR OF THE PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016 IS TEH YEAR OF THE PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016 IS TEH YEAR OF THE PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016 IS TEH YEAR OF THE PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016 IS TEH YEAR OF THE PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016 IS TEH YEAR OF THE PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PoSTedUP4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

lol i seen VGcharts and im like "is this fool serious!?" lol! he CANT be serious.... he must be new here! XD lololololol

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jwatt4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Damn it would have been real interesting to get Europe's data!

Edit: Obviously the good month for Sony was June with MGS4 where they put up good numbers. Then M$ basically caught up with the month of November with Gears. Based on this chart it's been a pretty good match all year, Sony and M$ are really going at it.

mesh14667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

hahah ps3blog i stop reading there.
made up numbers by a sony fanboy no 1 cares about his make beliove numbers with no source.

Danja4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

so it seems that the PS3 had the edge in NA until the recent price cut...and it basically already Won the HD market in Japan..

EU sales should be close also..with the PS3 coming out on top...

So I guess the PS3 isn't doomed as many want us to believe the PS3 is actually kicking ass worldwide..XD , without a desperate price cut..:D

Lifendz4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

with so many negative articles about the PS3 and how Sony is going down in flames, I saw this and just had to let my fellow PS3 owners know the situation is not as dire as some would like us to believe.

EDIT: To the guys reporting the article, I put this in the 360 section as well as the Wii section because the news pertains to sales of ALL the consoles out. It's not just PS3 news. Just because it's not news you may want to read, it is still news that pertains to your console.

morganfell4667d ago

MS didn't basically catch up. They either did or they did not. There is no basically. In this instance they did not. MS wouldn't let anyone forget it if they were ahead on two continents by 30,000 odd consoles. Jeff Greenturd would be crowing to the stars.

cmrbe4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Sony has WKS in Japan. We shall see what happens in NA and Europe. If MS dosen't outsell the PS3 this year with all the advantages it has then its pretty safe to say that the x360 is done for because Sony is going overkill next year.

@Lifendz : Only idiots believe that Sony are doing badly. Sony managed to increase their sales by 60% compare to last year while maintaining their high price in a time financial crisis.

Sarcasm4667d ago

"PS3 owners know the situation is not as dire as some would like us to believe. "

Well the PS3 selling 387,000 consoles at $399 and $499 isn't bad at all if you think about it.

Only when the PS3 starts selling 50,000, 40,000, 30,00, 20,000, or 10,000 consoles a month should Sony or any Sony fan should worry.

But come on, a nut-less half-brained monkey can tell that Price is the only factor holding back the PS3. It's not the games as there is plenty. It's not the feature as it has the most out of all consoles. It's not the online service as it's shaping up to be just as good as it's competitors. It's PRICE.

GrandTheftZamboni4667d ago

Sony should drop the price of PS2. 360 is catching up.

mikeslemonade4667d ago

It's Europe and also Japan where PS3 sells more. PS3 sold more in 2007 and also will sell more in 2008. Reason why Sony didn't need to drop price this year. What they are doing is what they should be doing. People need to stop suggesting what they should do because they are in good position.

fishd4667d ago

It seems these so called media don't know there is a friking thing called 'World'

Last year Sony sold 8.83 mil PS3 'Worldwide',2.56 mil in US,6.27 mil in 'Rest of the world'
Last year MS sold 7.3 mil 360 'worldwide',4.62 mil in US,2.68 mil in 'Rest of the world'

See the difference? 6.27 Vs 2.68.That's why PS3 outsold 360 last year

Also for 2008 :
Q4 FY2007= 2.33
Q1 FY2007= 0.71[][][]Q1 FY2008 =1.56 <-----850,000 increase 'Worldwide'
Q2 FY2007= 1.31[][][]Q2 FY2008 =2.43 <-----1,1120,000 increase 'Worldwide'
Q3 FY2007= 4.9 [][][]Q3 FY2008 =???

So even if Sony sell as many console as last year(4.9 mil) in Q3 FY2008(this holiday season),the total sale for this year

will be 2.33+1.56+2.43+4.9=11.22 mil and add this with the 10.5 mil consoles that were sold as of 31 dec 2007,the total

number of PS3 will be more than 22 mil in 2 years.

Hell even if Sony sell less PS3 this holiday than what it sold last holiday(say 1 mil),they can easily hit 10mil mark for the

most expensive console ever,MS has yet to sell this many console in a year,This Ladies and Gentlemen just show the true power

of playstaion brand but you know what?PS3 IZ DOOMED!!!111!!! because the so called media is full of Bitter nintentoy and sega

fanboy who want to take down the 'evil' Sony,PATHETIC

The so called media is full of sh1t,feel free and copy paste this in every ZOMD SONY IZ DEAD111!!!111 Article!!!

Cupid_Viper_34667d ago

But i've been reading a lot thouh, and its almost too funny the things i read on here about the PS3, lol, I almost threw mine out, lmao...jk but in all seriousness though, here some interesting opinions and facts...

1. they spent over a year saying that the ps3 has no games, they brought up Attach rates and blu ray, which is fine, but here's the fishy part, while the media was Claiming that ps3 has no games, Microsoft in the meanwhile was busy buying PS3 games, in fact i think they bought more games then the average ps3 owner, Shall we?: Resident evil 5, DMC4, Tekken 6, FFXIII, GTAIV, and they're still trying to buy MGS4, and countless other games...... ironic for a system with no games, yet MS spends more money on ps3 games then they do on their own games.....

actually im not even going to bother with going into the other points, i mean its sad how people dont see the Desperation from microsoft, at the end of the year, microsoft will have sold probably around 23 to 24 milliom 360, and the ps3 is on track to sell 22 to 23 million units, so you do the math, 2 years versus 3, one double the price of the other, and one being the cheapest console out. but by all means please fight on boys.....

4667d ago
Aquanox4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Who in this world told you that the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 in 2007?...

And by those numbers?

This is what happened:

Do you own maths. The Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 by a 300k margin WORLDWIDE in 2007. And don't bring me that usual rubbish about vgChartz not being precise. They aren't that accurate in current month numbers but they update the histry with official ones. Funny enough, all PS fans brought their numbers when Sony was outselling Microsoft.

THe reality is the following:

1. Microsoft is catching up Sony in Europe YTD 2008 and it will most likely tie or surpass it by the end of Christmas times.
2. Xbox has already surpassed the PS3 in America and the difference by the end of 2008 will be considerable since they keep outselling by a 2:1 (or more) margin. Historically, December doubles November in sales, so if the 360 outperformed the PS3 by 400k+ in Nov., December will most likely add another 700 - 850k in favor of the Xbox 360.
3. In Japan, the PS3 keeps its lead, but as the article points out, it isn't enough to surpass America's difference. They're tied if we freeze the numbers now, but just look at both console's trend in the graphic. The 360 isn't going anywhere but up the chart.

All in all, there absolutely ZERO reasons to even remotely believe that the PS3 will outsell the Xbox 360 Worldwide in 2008. Yes guys, it's the crude reality, it's time to get over it already and stop bringing incomplete spins. December will make the difference and the best shaped HD console is the Xbox 360.

Sarcasm4667d ago

"2 years versus 3"

Everyone conveniently forgets that the 360 launched 1 full year before the PS3.

And the PS3 is selling on-par with the 360 sales year to year even with a higher price tag.

Like I said, a nutless half-brained monkey knows this.

Aquanox4667d ago

We're talking about Year to Date sales, not cumulative sales since launch.

The PS3 has been here for 2 years, and by the end of 2008, the Xbox 360 will be ahead for a bigger number than what it was by the end of 2006.

4667d ago
prowiew4667d ago

Well, this is interesting. Almost equal. But still, even with this stats where the ps3 is lagging is in software sales and thats more important that selling systems. Im part of the proble cause I buy the majority of the games on 360.

Genesis54667d ago

Now these would be the numbers that the stock holders would be interested in and it still shows the PS3 ahead in total sales for 2 of the 3 big regions. My guess would be that 360 fans or MS don't like to see these numbers because it shatters the illusion that they are dominating Sony this gen.

The thing is MS has played most of their cards like deep price cuts and spending heavily on DLC and third party games and Sony is still weathering the storm. MS is going to run out of power plays soon and then what happens? It will come down to games and MS 2009 line up is not looking so great right now.

ultimolu4667d ago

You used VG Chartz?

Are you serious?!

The PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide last year. They might do it again *this* year!

Oh noes! :o

DaTruth4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

I'd like to thank Sony for not focusing on sales, market share and new casual gamers; Thanks for providing me with a hi-tech console at a high price that I was more than willing to pay. When I was a kid I use to say "Imagine what games will look like in the future"; It started with 3D gaming on PS1 and now the graphics are everything I imagined[MGS4, Uncharted, Killzone, and FF13versus(looks like GT5 with people)].
Thanks Sony!!!

Cell processor is designed to work with other Cells so when the next gen comes and all I have to buy is another low cost PS3(slim) and download a firmware to have the power of dual cell processors working together over Wi-fi that all PS3's have, I will thank you more.

callahan094667d ago

Don't give us that VGchartz crap. You know they can't be trusted and yet you not only use them as a source, but you tell us that we can't call foul about that source? Well, I call your bluff.

According to VGchartz, the PS3 sold 7.6 million in 2007.

Everyone knows that they inflate the 360's numbers and deflate the PS3's numbers.

According to Sony themselves and their financial reports, they sold 8.85 million PS3's in 2007 (Q4 2006 through Q3 2007):

Sony Fiscal Year 2006 Q4 began January 1, 2007, as evidenced by the following link which proves that 2006 Q3 ended December 31, 2006:

The following link illustrates that Sony Fiscal Year 2007 Q3 ended December 31, 2007:

The above links illustrate the following sales for PS3 hardware, worldwide in 2007 (in millions):

06 Q4 - Jan 01 - Mar 31: 1.93
07 Q1 - Apr 01 - Jun 30: 0.71
07 Q2 - Jul 01 - Sep 30: 1.31
07 Q3 - Oct 01 - Dec 31: 4.90

2007... Jan 01 - Dec 31: 8.85

So, are you still going to try to use VGChartz as any kind of evidence? Because they claim that the PS3 sold 7.6 million in 2007, which is more than 1.2 million fewer than Sony's official numbers. Therefore, VGChartz is wrong, they lowballed the PS3's numbers, and your information is non-factual.

Sevir044667d ago

Aquonox just got PWNED!!!, and what even more hilarious is teh fact that everyone and their grandma's uncle knows that VGChartz numbers are just estimates and ballpark figures, Ball park. there is no way they can accurately track sales of consoles and they only update them really after Sony and MS issues they're statements, So Aquonox, you Fail. and all the anti PS3 articles just got OWNED, The PS3 is still expensive but it's still selling well. and Christmas Should prove very interesting. as i'm sure plenty will Buy PS3s. we shal see. for the Nintendo Wii, i'm expecting 4 million or more sold with Both MS and Sony lagging way behind

DaTruth4667d ago

They sold less cars than Honda.

boodybandit4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

so maybe a moderator will read it and take action before deleting my response.

1.12 djevolve and 1.16 evolve1 is a multiple account offender and hopefully will be banned.

Back on topic:
All the negative articles about Sony is pathetic. Sony supported (still supports the PS2) their past 2 consoles far longer than any other manufacturer and there is no reason to think they wont support the PS3 even longer. When the PS3 drops in price it's yearly totals will climb and I still don't see any reason or doubts as to why Sony wont hit the 100 million mark with the PS3 as they did with the PS original and PS2. All they have to do is average 10 million per year over a possible 10 year life span.

It's sad that people constantly argue about sales instead of talking about games.

BTW good response Cupid Viper 3 (1.11) makes you wonder doesn't it?

mint royale4667d ago

the problem with your figures is that your not understanding sony's financials. Vgchartz report sold to consumers (yes they may be wrong but thats what they try to do) whereas sony in their finncials report sold to retailers.Its a common mistake on this site but when the big 3 say sold it means sold to retailers as its the retailers who buy them and pay the money. SO sony's figures that you quoting (8.85) is shipped to us whilst vgchartz estimates 7.6 of those have been sold. So on this occasion |I think vgchartz are in the right ballpark as its reasonable to assume all 3 have 1 million consoles in stores waiting to be sold ( maybe not nintendo as they are closer to being sold out.)

callahan094667d ago

Incorrect, Mint Royale.

That is the official Sony number for consoles sold, not shipped to retailers. There is another section of their website that details "Cumulative Production Shipments of Hardware."

It isn't up to date, which is why I didn't use those numbers. But as you can see, their financials state that 5.5 million were shipped to retail by March 31, 2007, and according to the unit sales chart, 4.32 million of those were sold at retail by the same date. The financials charts I initially linked to are sales at retail, not shipped units to retail.

mint royale4667d ago

I already responded in the PM but in the link you posted the 2 catagories are 'cumulative production' and 'unit sales' agreed? However you think that production is to retailers and sales to consumers? NO! Production is the consoles that have been made at the factory and hardware unit sales are to retailers - to every company this is sold because its the retailers who give them the money. So many people trip up over this. From your link we can see sony manufactured 5.5 million conoles until 31st march 2007 and sold 3.61 million of those to retailers.

callahan094667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

No, it's "Cumulative Production Shipped." The keyword there is shipped.

That 5.5 million number is confirmed to be shipped to retailers, not just manufactured. Really think for a second... according to your theory that there were 3.6 shipped to retail out of 5.5 million manufactured, that would mean that they made 2 million of them during that period that they just had sitting in warehouses? That's just not the case. They shipped 5.5 million to retail and sold 4.32 million at retail by the end of Q4 2006 (March 31, 2007)

mint royale4667d ago

Cumulative production - is the cumulative amount of ps3's that have been produced! Not sold to retailers! Pretty obvious I think.

And yes those figures are exactly what I am saying - if you remember the period, sony massively overestimated demand at the start resulting in too many ps3 being produced. Microsoft had this exact same problem at the beginning of 2007 where they channel stuffed to meet a sales target and gave a retailers a huge volume of 360's. The next quarter they only shipped 0.7 million (around about that) 360's as the retailers still had loads of xbox's from the previous quarter. Im sorry I can be wrong on lots of things but on this I am certain I am correct as this is what I do at university. If I was on most websites many would agree.

Aquanox4667d ago

What are you trying to prove?

According to VgChartz, Xbox 360 is about to hit 25 million next week. According to Microsoft, they did it one month ago.

Microsoft says they're ahead in Europe, but Sony say they're the ones ahead and by a healthy margin.

Microsoft and Sony official numbers are always a bit inflated, that's not news. PS fans keep talking about Sony winning 2007 when they didn't. Everyone talks about VgChartz not being precise now (But it was religion back when Sony dominated) yet they don't bring other "more reliable" information for Europe either (including Microsoft and Sony data)

I repeat, Microsoft and Sony virtually tied in 2007, and more importantly, there's no spin you guys will ever find to prove or even suggest that the PS3 will outsell the Xbox 360 by the end of 2008 YTD. Sorry guys, this is just not going to happen and Microsoft will have widened the gap even more compared to 2006 ending.

DaTruth4666d ago

Sony has stated that they use the sold through(to consumers) numbers and not the shipped numbers like Microfud. I don't know the link but it was right here on this site.

EVOLVED4666d ago

XBOX 360 8,990,077
PS3 9,026,048


boodybandit4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

How many accounts do you have active?
Again you are being reported as spam and hopefully the moderators will find and ban all your active accounts like they did with your 1.12 and 1.16 posted under this article.

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LittleBigKillzone4667d ago

AFter you look at the big picture you clearly see the PS3 and 360 performed pretty evenly if you look at the whole year and also, the 360 was only at 18 million units sold in its 2nd year on the market. So seeing as how the 360 and PS3 are pretty much going at the same pace i guess the 360 is also a failure considering the PS3 is a failure as well, according to the "analysts" anyways

Lifendz4667d ago

MS moved a substantial amount of units for Gears 2 and Sony didn't sell as many units for LBP and R2 as I expected they would. But neither side is going anywhere for a while and as gamers I think we should all be happy with that. I mean, would you really want to live in a world where either Sony or MS only had to worry about Nintendo as the competition? We could see all kinds of crazy prices, initiatives or, even worse, a move to the casual side altogether.

Competition is a good thing. Can't wait to see how 2009 turns out.

silverchode4667d ago

why is the wii more expensive than the 360?

SONYSLAVE4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

cause japan is money hungry apes.

yeah Im sure this is real YTD sales coming from a website called ps3blog.Net lmao!

LOL at burntsmell063 and Ps3HighNextGen being the same spamming troll

Danja4667d ago

with the amount of Wii's that's being sold at $250 why drop the price..

on the other hand the 360 was kinda floundering in sales all year so M$ needed to drop the price to stay competitive plus they want a piece of the casual market..i guess

MUGEN4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

"why is the wii more expensive than the 360?"

Last time I checked is because Microsoft wanted to tell it's stock holders and PR guys that they can now say we have the cheapest(and useless) next gen console on the market(arcade version). But like many have said "if 30+ million people can buy a over priced PS2 then why lower the price when you can sell 2 million to any idiot in 1 month"(everybody knows this quote).

EVOLVED4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

sales as of right now world wide.

xbox 360 8,990,077
ps3 9,026,048

this is from jan 5th of 08 to dec 6th of 08

Next week xbox will outsell ps3 world wide in 2008, WHICH MEANS PS3 WILL LOSE THE LEAD NEXT WEEK.


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LittleBigKillzone4667d ago

Did you read that part in that CNN article where it says "evidently noone cares about blu ray and high def dvds so blu ray is a failure for the PS3" really?! wow what a idiot, blu ray is taking off more than DVD did at this point in its life.. or did you read the part where he also says "And Home is also a flop that noone cares about" lmao, Home not even out for 24 hours officially and already he said it was a failure. what a moron

morganfell4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

I also notice that CNN's normal Money correspondent didn't write that tripe.

I wrote them and said, "Look. There is an entire big world out there. The numbers are easy to obtain showing the PS3 is actually ahead worldwide. That means CNN is either incompetent. Or they did this on purpose. Which is it?"

I also asked for them to print a researched article with the truth, not some footnote correction.

EDIT: ooh look, I have at least one 5 year old fan.

ultimolu4667d ago

That's just f*cking stupid on their part. :/