Need For Speed: Undercover - Patch Coming Soon

The folks at EA Black Box has announced that they will be releasing a patch soon for their latest release, Need For Speed: Undercover.

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akaFullMetal3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

how about we release games not broken, i miss those days
not saying this game is broken, but games in general from everybody.

hokis4ever3594d ago

Before this generation, it seems that quality control was much better for all consoles. It seems like developers are taking a "release it and we'll patch it later" approach.

MGRogue20173594d ago

I've been wanting to play the game but I keep thinking about how the frame rate was when I last played it.. It was horible.

Hopefully this patch will fix this for the console versions aswell as the PC version.

theEnemy3594d ago

a makes-the-game-not-garbage-any more-patch ?