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CCG writes - "Metroid Dread, or Metroid 5, is a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion, also called Metroid 4, which was released a bit over nineteen years ago on the Game Boy Advance. I've always enjoyed Metroid games, and played a lot of the original and Super, but Fusion is the first game that really 'clicked' with me, and I fell in love with the series even more after that. I went back and played (and beat) most of them, and it’s wonderful that Samus Aran’s story has finally moved beyond Fusion chronologically. Samus Aran is Metroid’s female protagonist, a powerful bounty hunter who also has a knack for saving the galaxy from extinction-level threats over the years."

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autobotdan153d ago

I just got this game. I was waiting to get a collector's edtion and I finally found one at Gamestop website. It's a great Metroid. I loved the Gameboy advance metroids so the fact its a sequel to fusion is a win for me

153d ago
maelstromb152d ago

Did we play the same game?? It played like an antiquated mobile game developed 10+ years ago, not a modern day game like Ori or Hollow Knight... Annoying unskippable animations, boring level design, EMMIs were interesting at first and more frustrating later, to name a few gripes. Honestly, the best part of the game was the final boss and the very end. Dread feels like a little bit of a cash grab by Nintendo to me. They know what players really want - a sequel to Prime - but instead we got a game originally developed 10+ years ago and released at a $60 price tag when it should have been $20.

PhillyDillyDee152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Do we want another Prime? Sure. And its coming. But we also want solid entries into the original series, which Dread very much is.

Is it as deep or complex as some of its contemporaries? No. Is it a challenging and rewarding Metroid game that evolves its own series in meaningful ways? Absolutely.

Perhaps you just set your expectations a bit high. And as far as value for dollars spent, my playthrough was clocked at 12 hrs for 100%. Which means it was actually closer to 14-15 when my deaths and time spent in menus is taken into account. You can certainly do a lot worse than spending $4 an hour for some entertainment.

ZeekQuattro152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Ths funny thing is when Prime was announced back in the day a lot of Metroid enthusiasts shit on it. Flash Forward to today and Prime people are shitting on classic Metroid. Nothing about Dread reeks of a mobile game. Especially not one from 10 years ago where the main attractions were flappy bird and candy crush. Give me a break. Lmao