Final Fantasy X, a Twenty Year Reunion

WTMG's Oliver Shellding: "Final Fantasy X has a spot in the history of games, and rightfully so: there’s plenty to appreciate, even if I don’t appreciate it as fully as others. I’m glad that I finally sat down and played it, because it helps to fill in the gaps between what was happening from then (late 90s) and now. I wish I had gotten my hands on a PS2 to really see what the full old style was, but it’s not something I’ll lament about. This has been a very interesting step back to see what I missed, but the message remains clear: amid all the schlock about parents and children, there’s still some batshit JRPG insanity that reminds me why I don’t make as much time for games now as I used to."

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Knightofelemia152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Still my favorite Final Fantasy entry next to Final Fantasy 8 I went out of my way to own Final Fantasy X on every platform not sure why.

Eidolon152d ago

FFX and VIII are also my favorite, a lot has to do with nostalgia though. Idk how out of the way you have to go to get it on every platform, just buy it? lol I played on PS2 and Vita.

Blackcanary152d ago

For me its VII, VIII and 10 lol have then on all platforms as well.

Name Last Name152d ago

I have a hard time deciding if my favorite is X or VII. I just know my third one is IX.

Ninver152d ago

FFX is my favorite in the series.

GaboonViper151d ago

Its my second, my fave in the series is FFVII, its also my fave game of all time.

Ninver150d ago

My fave game of all time is Metal Gear Solid ps1.

152d ago
IanTH152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

FF VIII lovers unite! I'm so used to seeing that get poo-pooed in FF discussions. FFVIII is my favorite of the PS1 era. FFXII is my favorite of the PS2 era. I think my love of FFVIII is definitely more nostalgia driven, as every time I try to replay it, I can't seem to get too deep into it. FFXII, however, I've replayed several times. Still holds up!

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pietro1212152d ago

Loved this game especially the sphere grid. I remember getting my ps2 with a copy of X, best Christmas gift ever!