Sony Finally Gets The PS3 Out Of The Gutter

Sony Finally Gets The PS3 Out Of The Gutter It's been a long time coming for Sony; gaining the 300k mark for the PS3, that is. The latter part of this year wasn't looking too good for the big black box, but some holiday consumer spending put some ample steam under the PS3's numbers for November.

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LittleBigKillzone3594d ago

LBP sold a million worldwide in a month, thats not a "Flop" like this guy puts it. I have a feeling LBP will sell good around March and April of 09 and heres my theory.. When Killzone 2 comes out you will see a lot of new PS3 owners to buy the system for Killzone 2, well after a couple months those new PS3 owners will want something new to play so they will do more research as to what games they missed out on since the PS3 came out and they will want something different so its possible a good bit of those new PS3 owners might pick up LBP. thats my opinon.,

But yea, i agree with this article. What blows my mind is when you mention on here that Sony did great by moving a million Playstation consoles, you get bashed to death and people make fun of you saying "but but teh PS3 is a failure" look sony has a business to run and they are smart. I mean the PS2 is still $130.00 and its a 8 year old console and still selling well at that price!! The PSP moved a half a million units along with the PS3 selling 380,000 consoles during the worst financial conditions since the great depression, ps3 is doing great!

Remember, the 360 was at 18 million units sold this time in its life and the bad part about that is, THEY HAD NO COMPETITION! they should be doing a lot better. If you think about it, the 360 is JUST no finally catching up to the original xbox sales and it took 3 years. So yes while the 360 had a good month or two, PS3 is still very much in this game.. a 6 million console gap is not THAT HUGE, compared to say a 50 million or more gap that was between the PS2 and xbox. so dont get too comfortable yet 360 fanboys

Death3594d ago

1 million in 1 month for a niche game is very good. It didn't have the impact that fans thought, but still has sold respectably well.

I do however disagree that the Xbox 360 had no competition. The PS2 was very real competition then just as it has been for Sony and the PS3 now. You also had 140 million PS2 owners that were eagerly waiting for the PS3 to launch before making their decisions. Just because the PS3 wasn't on store shelves does not mean it wasn't having an impact on Xbox 360 sales.

PS3 vs. Xbox 360 sales are 100% fanboy relevant only. Success is based on how each company is doing now compared to how they did last generation. Microsoft has sold as many consoles in three years as they did in four last time around. That means they are selling about 25% better this generation so far. Sony has sold less than half as many PS3's to this point as they did PS2's last time around. That's not good. This is why people are so hard on Sony. It's not so much that the 360 is selling as well or might beat them a month here or there, it's that they are selling poorly compared to last generation. That's where the expectations were set.


CIO Caveman Trolls3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Be yourself, don't follow people's onion.

PS3 fanboy: Why spend less while you could get a *complete* HD system with FREE Playstation network, for just $399?

Casual gamer: No thanks, i don't really need a Blu-ray player for watching movies and wi-fi for gaming, I just want to play games on game-specific system like X360 or Wii without paying more for something i don't really care.

PS3 fanboy: Ok, but you have to pay *more* eventually when you need things like: wifi controllers, larger Hardisk, online-gaming for the 360.. not to mention replacement cost for RROD after warranty. It'll cost you way more than $399 in total!

Casual gamer: That's fine, i can make a purchase for those things at a later time, but not at this recession time. It's good to have *options * know. People have preferences.

PS3 fanboy: Honestly, are you cheap or what? The PS3 is more valuable, future proof, and more potential!!

Casual gamer: NO, YOU are really the *cheap guy* bcuz you just said I'd end up *spending more money* on extra stuff for the 360. Why bother on my spending???

PS3 fanboy: Stupid A hole!!

Danja3594d ago

LBP is far from a flop selling 1 million in one month is a flop..?


The 1st Xbox was never on the market for 4 years , it lasted only 3.5 years then M$ dropped it..the 360 had had hardware probs so we really dont now how much of it's consumers dont own more than one 360..

I's just ridiculous to even compare the PS3 sales to the PS2..the price is what is holding down PS3 sales...had it launched at $299 like the PS2 we all know it would have been a different situation...

uie4rhig3594d ago

showing the november NPD sales ¬¬ seriously ive seen like 20 since they released the numbers lol

heroicjanitor3594d ago

I like the idea of blu-ray since it means bigger and better games so to me the 360 is holding back games by using last generation technology. I know the games are good but they could be bigger and better. See the problem is the dvd is STANDARD in the 360, which means almost all games will come with 1 dvd and thats it. The only games which will have multiple dvds are games which are also going to the ps3, since the standard for that console is blu-ray. Fine if you don't like blu ray movies, but don't pretend that it is worthless from a gaming perspective. Also your casual gamer guy vs ps fanboy argument reminds me of mac vs pc.

Aquanox3594d ago

Saying Xbox 360 sales in November are disappointing and PS3 selling less than a half being impressive is incredibly ludicrous.

I had never heard about that website and now I know why.

Danja3594d ago

considering that every commercial break you see a 360 ad..and at the end you hears "starting at $199....yeh you would expect that it would be selling like the Wii which is $250

but the 360 had a great month no denying that..

y0haN3593d ago

do you often have conversations with yourself caveman?

uxo223593d ago

I agree with you 100%, as soon as I read that part I stopped and closed the window. This guy obviously need to tell himself that to make himself feel better. But his theory is utterly retarded.

Monchichi0253593d ago

The guy who wrote this is OBVIOUSLY a complete fanboy!! I mean saying that Sony's numbers were good and that MS numbers were a dissapointment???? Yeah, you're not a fanboy!?? And to those that said LBP old over a million already....that's been debunked already. Numbers came frm VGcharts not from the NPD numbers. If it had hit a million, it would at least be in the top 20.

Anon19743593d ago

Then you don't know much about the economy. Household income is still at record highs, during the great depression average household incomes fell some 50%. Unemployment isn't even close, corporate profits are still at record highs, Inflation isn't a problem, Unemployment isn't even close to what it was in the 30's. This economic downturn and recession is this years Y2K. The media has to scare us about something, how about a recession that most economists (not media economists, actual economists) don't think will be particularly deep or last longer than 2 to 3 quarters and we're almost over the first one.

As for the PS3 - sales for the PS3 are up in the US 55% from Jan-Nov this year over last while 360 sales are down 7%. Yes, the 360 is ahead in the US by about 400,000 consoles - put perhaps gaming journalists need to be looking at the other consoles if they want to find evidence of a problem.

Rhoic3593d ago

"1 million in 1 month for a niche game is very good."

Gears of War 1 was a niche game.. it sold over a million in like 3 days.. So that's not really a good excuse.

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Sonyfanclubpresident3594d ago

we're out of the gutter,
and into the slums.

We need to get uptown where the 360 and Wii hang out and live!

If you're thinking about buying a BLU RAY flick,don't.

Buy a game instead,and aid our war against the bot and Wiinis army.

Piece Of Spooge 33594d ago

One day we will be in mansions like the Wii and 360. Just wait.....2016 is the year of the PS3!

dukadork3594d ago

i want some of what you smoke
seems pretty potent

lokiroo4203594d ago

Ps3 has outsold the box since launch, so how was it in the gutter?

austere3594d ago

I wish I lived on Pluto too.

Menchi3593d ago

I didn't know the world was Pluto?

On that note, I didn't think NA was the -only- gaming market either. In fact, I thought there were 3 primary gaming markets, and lo and behold, the PS3 has been outselling the 360 since launch when they're combined...

Of course, you'll say that the world doesn't matter, because NA is apparently the only market that matters...

tk3594d ago

The PS3 will sell a million a month and the press will say it has peaked and will go doqn rapidly from now...
The XB360 will sell 100 with a thousand sitting on the shelves and the media will say that supply issues is holding back the huge demand for it...

Edge Maverick3594d ago

I agree, owner of both consoles, that the PS3 is unfairly beaten down by the media...and yet it keeps chugging along. ANd why not? It's got great games.

CViper3594d ago

That some how "hype" estimates are now used as financial standards to compare sales for?

The definitions change every year, and every year the PS3 breaks them and moves ahead.

the 360 had a terrible game lineup in 08. But now it changed back to sales being more important than actually playing games. Which was shocking considering last year it was all about how Games were more important than sales...

austere3594d ago

I'm sorry you only own one console and can't enjoy games on both consoles. Hence your silly remarks. lol..."terrible game lineup in 08". Get a life.

PotNoodle3594d ago

When the PS3 got higher total sales last year everyone was using the "No good games" excuse.

Now when it has good games it is "Oh it isn't selling as well as it should be".

Oh and austere, i won't say the lineup was terrible, but it was pretty bad imo with fable 2 the only game that i really enjoyed.

PSN: DeathroW22
XBL: Death roW247

WAR_MACHINE773593d ago

I agree that the 360 line up has been very weak this year. They really only had 3 real gems and they only released with in the last 6-7 weeks. My PS3 has been getting used way more than my 360.

Gamer Tag: WARMACHINE mk2

Rhoic3593d ago

"the 360 had a terrible game lineup in 08."

Is this an opinion, or fact? I personally have thought this is the best year yet.. been enjoying:

Fable 2
Gears of War 2
Left 4 Dead
Ninja Gaiden 2
Portal: Still Alive

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