Seasons greetings from PlayStation.Blog and friends


We’re spreading some holiday cheer with our annual round up of season’s greetings and well wishes from our friends across the industry.

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Magog153d ago

Playstation: Providing magical Christmases for families around the globe since 1994. 😊

KingofBandits153d ago

Beautiful art works, my favs are Team Asobi, the (neglected) Jak and Daxter, the Sega and Namco Bandai ones

toxic-inferno153d ago

When I saw the Jak and Daxter one, my eyes were drawn to the logo in the top right, and for a brief moment, I thought it was the logo for a new entry.

Then reality came flooding back and I realised it was just the 20th anniversary logo. :(

ApocalypseShadow153d ago

Great pictures and well wishes.

But that's some BS Sony Bend. Teasing with that Syphon Filter ornament. Lol. Where's Gabe man! Where's Gabe?

NotanotherReboot153d ago

Sony need to stop forcing ND to work on a pointless Last of Us remake and let them make a new Jak & Daxter

Ninver153d ago

I hope the Naughty Dog image is an indication for a new Jak and Daxter game.