Gran Turismo 7 Japanese Pamphlet Shares Additional Details About Game

A Japanese pamphlet has shared some additional details about the customization, car choices, and racing modes in the game.

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cbuc1125151d ago

This part right here...."The game has a tuning shop where you can adjust the engine, tyre, brake, suspension, and more. You can also buy supercharger, turbocharger, weight reduction and improved rigidity kits."

SullysCigar150d ago

This all sounds great, but I'm still hankering for VR details. We all know it's coming - GT Sport was great on PSVR, just way too 'lite' and Sony just demo'd GT in VR with stunning 8k VR screenshots, so it's clearly still their go-to game for testing future VR tech.

I bet (and hope!) this will be there at PSVR2 launch, with full online multiplayer and 4k.

Good-Smurf150d ago

They would have to reveal their new headset first before PD ever starts talk about VR support in GT7.

SullysCigar150d ago

Well they've acknowledged it's existence already, just not much else, other than some leaked specs.

If anyone got early access to the kit, though, it's gonna be Polyphony Digital.

Magog150d ago

The VR dev kits are almost certainly out to many any publishers but Sony wisely doesn't want to show any games for it until they are polished and the hardware is near release especially given they are still focused on getting PS5s into people's hands first.

Magog150d ago

The tire deformation in this game is unreal! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

purple101150d ago

Oh wow. Never seen that before. Looking forward to it. It's the reason I got a ps5.

Magog150d ago

If you want a cleaner look it is at 42 seconds in this video.

purple101149d ago

Thanks mate I watched it. Your comment did not go unappreciated

ironmonkey150d ago

Bringing back the full tuning system is what all of the enthusiasts want. Back to the old Grand tourismo I like.

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