Guitar Hero Outsells Rock Band Almost 3-to-1 in November

The music genre overall was down six percent in dollar sales for November, but the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises still remain quite popular. Unfortunately for EA, which has been suffering of late, Activision's property has simply been more popular.

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Nathan Drake3598d ago

I mean,because Guitar Hero outsold it in one month,that means the Rock Band franchise is dead and the makers should be worried.

Isn't that so Mr.Buffa ;) ?

aiphanes3598d ago

I have more fun the guitar hero world you can record your own is just a different game from the last one unlike rock band 2 compared to rockband 1.

Bnet3433597d ago

I haven't tried World Tour yet I only have GH3, but looking at the song lists for each game, I prefer GH over RB. I don't really care if every gaming website and hardcore gamer is behind RB, that's all crap to me. I'm fine with a GH3 guitar and the GH games.

mrdxpr23597d ago

I prefer rockband to just for the fact that with 5 dollars more i can pass all of the songs from rock band 1 to rock band to and use all of my bought songs too plus the song choice in rockband 2 for me is better.... but it looks like rockband is dead since GHWT sold more shoot this industry is stupid like that

Halochampian3597d ago

it's sad what name brand can do.

GH:WT fails in comparison to RB. This is coming from a GH fan. GH:WT has some good ideas but it just doesnt come together.

Rock band has better songs and more songs to download.

ELite_Ghost3597d ago

i have both rb2 and ghwt and rb2 is sooo much better than guitar hero. the soundtracks really suck and dlc sucks too. the only good thing in guitar hero the the hendrix songs.

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KrisXX3598d ago

Still playing RB2 over GHWT now. with more DLC and a much bigger "game" to complete, I'm already bored with GHWT. I played thru the solo tours and then...blah. I wish they would have set it up like all the gigs and venues in band world tour for rb2. I still enjoy both, but RB2 for me has much more replay value, even tho the music maker is a nice gimmick in GHWT.

Matsuiichi3598d ago

I honestly think that while Guitar Hero: World Tour is probably trumping Rock Band in sales (undeservingly, in my opinion), I don't think that they have factored in the DLC sales, which are direct profit.

Rock Band recently announced passing the mark of 28 million DLC downloads. When you consider that the average cost of a song is 1.99, they've made at least $50 million on downloadable content ALONE.

I'm still playing Rock Band, not even touching Guitar Hero at all (and haven't in at least a year). It still doesn't feel like the huge experience Rock Band is now.

Sure, they factored in sales numbers, but I don't think Activision can touch that extra $50m on DLC revenue anyways, which is mysteriously absent from this article.

Timesplitter143597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

It's because of South Park

And I don't really care about these games anyway. To me it's like ''McDonalds outsells Burger King 3 to 1''

spunnups3597d ago

3 times to 1 better better than GHWT. Any song track with La Bamba is automatic epic fail.

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