Sony 'Should be Worried' About PS3, say Analysts

Is the PS3 digging itself a huge hole? Gamedaily chat with leading analysts about PS3's decline in the wake of Wii and Xbox 360 holiday sales records.

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Nathan Drake3648d ago

No matter which random Analyst you interview to generate controversy against the Ps3 and Sony,people are still going to buy it,when it goes down in price more people will buy it,and the Playstation brand will live on.

It's time the American publications quit all the drama and look at the reality.

WIIIS13648d ago

Funny you should suggest looking at reality 'cos you don't seem to practice what you preach. The reality of woeful holiday sales, economic crisis cutbacks, big games that don't sell - what do you make of that reality? An impending suicidal price cut to allow the blood to flow faster?

Danja3648d ago

while I would agree that the economy is probably putting a lil hamper on PS3 sales , look at the bigger picture..for a system originally priced at $600 , shouldn't it have withered off into obscurity.?

yet the PS3 has managed to stay competitive being twice as expensive as it's rivals and once the price comes down sales will pick up even more..

I think Sony shouldn't have released so many great games n such a short period of time..they all just cannibalized each other sales.

other than that the PS3 is doing quite fine for being so expensive in such harsh times...and next year is looking real bright for the PS3...and all other systems...XD

rant over :D

morganfell3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

These are the same analysts that can't make it in the game industry themselves. They are like movie critics. They can't make it in the movies themselves. Look at Roger Ebert. he tries to be a screen writer. What did he manage? Valley of the Dolls. These ANALysts are no different and no better.

Nobody but Sony knows if they are hitting the sales target data. Sure they would like to sell more, but only Sony knows if they are hitting their target.

rhood0223648d ago

And yet the PS3 is still ahead on YTD sales (don't believe me, I'm sure you can find the numbers on the internet). That's including the "woeful" ONE MONTH of November. Cause you see, there is a WHOLE WORLD out there where the PS3 is doing just fine and consistently outselling the 360, even with it's higher price point.

WIIIS13648d ago

Why justify the PS3's performance with its price point? A higher price CAN be justified IF the console performs better, but that hasn't been the case. The high initial price point was because of blu-ray, but blu-ray hasn't proven its worth for gaming purposes (whether using PS3 to sell blu-ray has been a success is another debatable issue). So there is no basis for condoning the initial price point and for that reason the price point is no excuse for PS3's disappointing performance particularly when you consider the huge momentum Sony had coming into this gen.

GrandTheftZamboni3648d ago

reality > reality of woeful holiday sales

Sony sold 17 mil units over 2 years = 80+ mil over its lifetime.

And that is if sales don't improve. Yeah, they should be worried they didn't beat PS2.

And I'm not being overly optimistic.

40cal3648d ago

Right, just because the November (one month) sales of the PS3 where down compared to LY dose not mean that the PS3 is failing. I am even thinking that December 08 will show a similar trend.

We all tend to forget that the PS3 outsold the 360 most of 2008 in the U.S. and world wide at a higher price point. And the two year numbers for both systems are on track regardless of the higher price point of the PS3.

Also dose not change the strong exclusive line up of the PS3 in 2008 and the even stronger exclusive line up ready for 2009. Nor dose it change the fact that Blu-Ray is rapidly gaining market share over DVD and is well on its way to becoming the next storage medium standard.

Its just funny to me how one months sales get turned into dooms day.

Death3648d ago

Xbox 360 Elite $399

Xbox 360 Pro $299

Xbox 360 Arcade $199

PS3 80 gig $399

PS3 160 gig $499 (just in time for the Holidays...)

For those playing at home, the Xbox 360 ranges from $199 to $299 and $399. The PS3 at $399 retails for the same amount as an Xbox 360 Elite. Last I seen the "same" wasn't "half". The Pro is $100 less than a PS3 and finally the Arcade is "half" at $199. You can add the just released for the Holidays 160 gig PS3 and say the Xbox 360 sells for a third if you like but I have a hunch the 160 gig isn't the top seller in Sony's line up. Amazon is by no means a definitive indication of sales but it does show a trend. The data provided by Amazon shows the $299 Xbox 360 Pro as the main seller among the 3 SKU's. That's not half by any stretch.

What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item?
Edition: Pro Holiday Bundle 60 GB
79% buy the item featured on this page:
Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle 2008 Includes 60GB Hard Drive (20)

8% buy
Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle (17)

Death3648d ago

What you can't do is back it up with facts. Unless you can prove the Arcade at $199 is getting the vast majority of Xbox 360 sales, you can't accurately say the Xbox 360 costs half as much. The reality is sales are a combination of the 3 SKU's which also happen to average out to $299. At best the Xbox 360 costs 25% less than the PS3. Claiming it costs "half" is just an excuse that can't be backed up by fact.


drewdrakes3648d ago

Good! They better not be worried. Theres no telling what microsoft will do without that kind of competition.

Nathan Drake3648d ago

Why justify the Xbox 360s performance with its sales in 1 territory?You surely aren't trying to ignore hardware sales across multiple nations where a single product is being sold and distributed in,are you?

"Funny you should suggest looking at reality 'cos you don't seem to practice what you preach.The reality of woeful holiday sales, economic crisis cutbacks, big games that don't sell"

Actually,you said absolutely nothing significant with your opening;Tell me,do you know that the Xbox 360 managed to outsell the Ps3 last year during the holiday season yet still failed to outsell the Ps3 in 2007 on a worldwide basis?...or should we ignore this fact and continue to trumpet this nonexistent demise of the Playstation brand?

"Big games that don't sell"-such as GT5:Prologue,which has over 2.5 Million copies worldwide?Metal Gear Solid 4,with over 3 Million copies worldwide...?Resistance 2,which has over 500,000 copies worldwide?LittleBigPlanet and Motorstorm,each with over a Million copies worldwide?Since we're on the subject of games that don't sell,how's Banjo Kazooie doing in the charts?Lips?Scene-It?You're In the Movies?In other words,how's Microsoft's attempt at capturing the casual market through casual software working out for them?Are their casual games charting,or are they tanking left and right with no future in sight?Should I mention the success of Singstar in Europe,and how every single Singstar release has sold over 500,000 copies in Europe alone?

Tell me something,because I really want to know your answer to this;Are Microsoft successfully capturing the casual audience,or are they successfully satisfying the very same hardcore audience they managed to satisfy with the Xbox 1?With the Xbox 360 in it's 3rd year on the market with 22 Million consoles confirmed as sold and 25 Million consoles confirmed as shipped,do you honestly believe the Xbox 360 will ever cross the 100 Million consoles sold mark with such a limited and one sided audience?

It's amazing how a specific group of people and the majority of the American media outlets are desperately trying to convince the gaming market that the Xbox 360 is a juggernaut of a console-A console that is doing so well that Microsoft just so happened to cut it's price twice this year and shut down a first party studio in the process!

Apocalypse Shadow3648d ago

is that you aren't posting any real numbers to back up your just say,

"look,360 also has consoles selling at $299 and $399."

but where are your numbers showing that the higher priced 360s are selling more than the "ADVERTISED" $199 360?

the point is,and what everyone is disagreeing with you on is

**ENTRY** price for 360 is **$199**
**ENTRY** price for ps3 is **$399**

one is half the price of entry compared to the other.unless you can post numbers that the premium and elite are selling more,you will always get disagrees.

ps3 is just more expensive,no matter how you look at it.but it sells well for the price it sells closed.but using "common sense" would tell you that the advertised $199 or less 360 is what's selling more worldwide against the ps3 and wii.

try again.


fishd3648d ago

It seems these so called media don't know there is a friking thing called 'World'

Last year Sony sold 8.83 mil PS3 'Worldwide',2.56 mil in US,6.27 mil in 'Rest of the world'
Last year MS sold 7.3 mil 360 'worldwide',4.62 mil in US,2.68 mil in 'Rest of the world'

See the difference? 6.27 Vs 2.68.That's why PS3 outsold 360 last year

Also for 2008 :
Q4 FY2007= 2.33
Q1 FY2007= 0.71[][][]Q1 FY2008 =1.56 <-----850,000 increase 'Worldwide'
Q2 FY2007= 1.31[][][]Q2 FY2008 =2.43 <-----1,1120,000 increase 'Worldwide'
Q3 FY2007= 4.9 [][][]Q3 FY2008 =???

So even if Sony sell as many console as last year(4.9 mil) in Q3 FY2008(this holiday season),the total sale for this year

will be 2.33+1.56+2.43+4.9=11.22 mil and add this with the 10.5 mil consoles that were sold as of 31 dec 2007,the total

number of PS3 will be more than 22 mil in 2 years.

Hell even if Sony sell less PS3 this holiday than what it sold last holiday(say 1 mil),they can easily hit 10mil mark for the

most expensive console ever,MS has yet to sell this many console in a year,This Ladies and Gentlemen just show the true power

of playstaion brand but you know what?PS3 IZ DOOMED!!!111!!! because the so called media is full of Bitter nintentoy and sega

fanboy who want to take down the 'evil' Sony,PATHETIC

Spread the words,let the world know this!!!lol

La Chance3648d ago

wont you guys complaining about theses "analysts" at the beginning of the year when they were all saying that the PS3 was going to take the year by storm ? And that MSFT should be worried for the 360 ?

You guys were all agreeing with them and patting each other on the back.

Now all of sudden they're stupid , hypocrites , idiots.

You guys really have no credibility at all.

Megatron083648d ago

The x mas holiday really is the best way to judge if the system is in trouble for sell. You have X people that will buy their choice system no matter the price. You Y that will buy whats in stock at the time. You also have Z that will buy what is cheapest. Y ia where wii loses out and maybe even to a smaller extent the 360. Z how ever is the big one and thats where sony is losing this is most likely where most parents are especially this year. Lil bobby might of put down he wanted a ps3 but lil bobby's parents spending limit might only be 300 bucks so they pick up a wii or 360 instead.

Once the holidays are over and shopping returns to normal then look and see what sony number are doin.

Megatron083648d ago

"And yet the PS3 is still ahead on YTD sales"

When has the ps3 ever out sold the wii in any part of the world ? As for the 360 I think ps3 had less then a million lead back in oct (think it was 800k) if things dont improve by dec the 360 will easily take that lead.

jammy_703648d ago

with the games ahead sony shudnt be worried but ay, you never no

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3648d ago

The hate towards the PS3 is Relentless on this :-/

ultimolu3648d ago


The PS3 has outsold the Wii a few times in Japan so um...yeah.

360 fans always concern themselves with American sales rather than other parts of the world. The PS3 is third in the United States but they're second worldwide.

Unless, of course this changes.

Megatron083648d ago

ultimolu so if the ps3 is out selling the wii in japan wheres all the links proving it? fact is ps3 have extremely poor sells in japan and the 360 has even old sold it many times in japan

The Mikester3648d ago

I agree
nobody is worried about them b/c they're doing well in sells and Sony doesn't care what what analyst says

so they're doing very well

ultimolu3648d ago

I said at times. You need to learn how to read. There was a point that even this year the PS3 outsold the Wii in Japan.

LOL! Extremely poor sales? Then why is the YTD higher for the PS3 in Japan than the 360? And the Wii is nearly unstoppable?

The Killer3648d ago

last year ps3 sold 9.5 million with the first quarter of 2007 in PAL they didnt release the console yet, and with poor launch and high price.

this year they r full year in PAL territories and have a better star price point, and there was MGS4 effect!

i think ps3 should easily sell 11 million this year which if u add the 9.5 in 2007 and the 1.5 in 2006 then it will sell something like 22 million by december 31 2008!

22 million ps3 in 2.2 years vs 25 million 360 in 3.2 years!!
the difference will be something like 3-4 million lead for 360 and when the ps3 cut its price in early 2009 it will easily over take 360 by mid 2009!

by the end of this year the number of both consoles will be something like

PS3 22,000,000
360 25,000,000


Yeah! another anti sony article, they just keep on comming dont they.

mint royale3648d ago

I don't know where most of you are getting these made up figures at all. XBOX is at 25 million NOW and will be pushing 28 million by the end of the year. On the other hand the ps3 is at just under 18 million and will be lucky to reach 20 million by the end of the year. I'm not being a fanboy here I love the ps3 but that is the truth. The price is really hurting the ps3. It outsold the 360 in the first 9 months of the year when the 360 was still expensive but now it is hurting. Microsoft have just overtaken sony this year and they will win 2008. However when sony gives their price cut in 09 it will be a different story. Hopefully. But if they leave it too late then they will be facing an xbox with a 10 million lead+. And no microsoft doesn't include replacements in their figures before some idiot such as morganfell tries to spread the lies again.

ASSASSYN 36o3648d ago

Yeagh, nobody is worried except those 16,000 laid off employees.

MNicholas3648d ago

No one would argue that consumers like Wii more than 360. The 360 costs less but gets spanked every day in sales by the Wii.

However, many regular people and analysts are confused when I say that there's more demand for the PS3 than for the 360.

They ask: "isn't the 360 selling more? Doesn't more sales mean more demand?"

Answer: "No. Despite having higher sales than the PS3 after the price-cut to $199, when the 360 was $299, the PS3, despite costing $100 more was outselling it by a large margin. Therefore the PS3 has higher demand."

Demand is not the same as sales. More ford mustangs are sold than all ferraris and lamborghinis combined. However, if the ford mustang cost as much as a ferrari which would sell better? The answer to that is the answer to which has more demand.

Similarly, if the 360 was the same price as the PS3 ($399), would it sell atleast as well as the PS3? We all know the answer to that question.

To sum it up: Based on market data, the console with the least demand is the Xbox360.

mint royale3648d ago

then surely the only thing that matters is effective demand. There is no point in sony having all these consumers sayin I want a ps3 if they don't actually go and buy one.

If sony cuts teh price do you think microsoft will leave the xbox at its pricepoint? No. Your correct in asserting that sales do not neccessarily reflect demand but you don't seem to understand that sales reflect perceptions of value. Think about it, the ps3 has blu ray which the 360 does not. This is one of the reasons why its more expensive but more people see VALUE in buying 360's at its pricepoint than a ps3 at its. If the ps3 and 360 cut prices more consumers may see value at the 360's new pricepoint than the ps3's.

The ps3's sales are low because there are less and less people willing to buy it at its price as those willing to do so have already bought one. This is the problem the 360 faced at the start of its life as it was the console that had been out for longest without a pricecut (before the wii).

MNicholas3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

By your argument, the consumers have more demand for Ford Mustangs than for Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches just because Mustangs have higher sales volume. Here's how you figure out which product has better demand.

Economics 101 for you:

If the Mustang cost as much as the ferrari, which would sell better?


If the Xbox360 cost as much as the PS3, which would sell better?

The answer to those questions tell you which have higher demand, ie., which product consumers prefer and for which consumers would be willing to pay more.

While we can only guess that trying to sell a Ford Mustang at $200k would not result in sales equal to Ferrari, we actually have historical market data that clearly shows that when at the same price point, the PS3 has far higher sales than the 360. This means that the PS3 has far higher consumer demand.

Looking Forward:
Based on this, we can assume (with more actual supporting data than Mustang vs Ferrari), that when the PS3 is $299, it will sell significantly more than the 360 did at $299 and when the PS3 is $199 it will sell significantly better than the 360 is at $199.

mint royale3648d ago

say the ps3 and the xbox were the same price but it was the xbox with the blu ray player, which would sell more? The xbox! It has an advantage that the ps3 would not have.

Switching this round of course teh ps3 would sell more at the same pricepoint because it has more value in it to consumers! Once you've got past elementary economics Nicolas you have to ask why is there more demand for products! The ps3 has better tech and so would sell more at any given pricepoint that the 360.

I realise I'm leaving other important factors out such as games here but quality of games is an objective opinion and trying to factor it in would create a minefield of problems.

But in the end nicholas your car analogy is ridiculously bad. If I tried to sell a ferrari and a ps3 at the same price what would sell more? The ferrari of course because its worth more. The DEMAND for the 360 at its pricepoint is greater than the DEMAND for teh ps3 at its and that is why its outselling it. The ps3 either needs to cut the price or give a greter perception of value to consumers who would then be willing to pay the price tag.

Dannagar3648d ago

I'm not worried about the PS3 hardware sales. In the end, software is all that matters. However, some of Sony's biggest Holiday titles aren't selling what they should be. It makes me wonder what the hell's wrong with PS3 owners. Go support Sony by buying their games. What are you? A bunch of teenagers without jobs?

MNicholas3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Sales volume (units sold regardless of pricepoint) is not the same as Demand.

I'd recommend a good Economics 101 book. One of the first things you'll come across is the demand curve. In a demand curve, you will see that each product's sales volume changes based on the price. Typically, at a high price, the sales volume is low, and at a low price the sales volume is high.

The PS3 is still at a relatively high price in it's life-cycle, predictably, it's sales volume is low.

The 360 is at a lower (not lowest) price in it's life-cycle, predictably, it's sales volume is high.

All this tells us is that the products are at different points of their respective demand curves. This is not surprising since the 360 has been on the market 50% longer than the PS3 and is at a different stage of it's life-cycle.

Now, to find out which has more demand, we need to look at how the curve of each product sits on the same graph. What we see, based on all the market data from the last 3 years, is that the PS3's curve sits higher, way higher, than the 360s curve. We know this because for each price point, the PS3's sales volume on that curve is much higher.

For example, in the 360's first two years, when the 360 between $280 and $399, we see that it's sales volume is actually far lower than when the PS3 was selling for between $399 and then $599. What's particularly scary for microsoft is that they had no competition for one whole year while the PS3 achieved better numbers at a higher price despite facing two competitors.

Now the $199 price-point is where past consoles have had most of their sales and this is where a spike is to be expected. The problem for the 360 is that it not only had poorer sales when it was at higher price points but even at $199 the spike, while enough to take it past the $400 PS3 in sales volume, has not been as large as expected. The Wii is still wiping the floor with it.

This tells us that the 360 is not only incapable of competing against the PS3 at equal price points but that it's not able to do so against the Wii either.

Conclusion: 360 has the least consumer demand by a large margin against it's modern competitors. It has less demand a premium product against the PS3 and it has less demand as a mid-range product(the price point where consoles will have their highest sales) against the Wii. This leaves us with the PS2 ($129) as the only currently available home console against which market data proves the 360 has verifiably higher demand.

Megatron083648d ago

Heres a chart show year to date sells for US and Japan for all the idoit ps3 fanboys trying to say the ps3 is killing to 360 YTD sales. Oh and even has the wii numbers in there for idoits like ultimolu that are saying the ps3 is out selling the wii

Ps3 3,586,392
360 3,559,224
Wii 10,261,666

As you can sell the ps3 only had a 30k leadin going in to Nov. The 360 has easily over taken ps3 and is beating the ps3 in worldwide sells for the year.

Oh and btw this is off a ps3 fanboy site even

MNicholas3648d ago

Until the $199 360 came out:

Wii: 13.4M ($250)

PS3: 6.5M ($400)

360: 4.9M ($300)

After the $199 model came out:

Wii: 7.9M ($250)

PS3: 2.6M ($400)

360: 4.1M ($200)

Currently, both the PS3 and 360 stand at 9M, with the PS3 slightly ahead. However, until Sep 5, when the 360 had it's last chance price-cut, the more expensive PS3 was outselling it by a huge margin this year (6.5M to 4.9M)

N4U3648d ago

But I don't think Sony needs to be too worried, if at all. I do, however, think that fanboys (note that I don't say the companies themselves) of the "other console(s)" SHOULD be worried.

I don't have any idea how well the PS3 is currently selling world wide. Quite frankly, I don't even consider squatting, let alone giving a $hit. I'd be lying if I told you that I've been paying attention to Sony's stock -- I make my money in the pennies. In addition, I don't have the slightest clue as to whether they will reach their sales forecast for the year, or not.

I admit that Sony is left with a tall task in trying to sell a $400.00 piece of hardware amidst such economic turmoil -- economic uncertainty, really. I admit that Sony is not a god -- I have long given up on trying to convince certain fanboys (read: idiots) of this -- but rather a company comprised solely of humans. I also admit that humans can (and will) make mistakes...sometimes even disappoint...sometimes even fail.


Sony is a company with a proven track record. Every gaming console that they ever made has been a success, even including the hand-held variety. Heck, the PS2 was so successful that, supposedly, several were purchased by God himself due to popular demand in heaven (note that this is a rumor, not a fact). You'd be hard-pressed to find an owner of a Sony electronic device that is dissatisfied with their purchase and the PS3 is no different.

It's hard to argue that the PS3 is packed with technology -- hence, the relatively high price tag. The blu-ray player itself is a big sell point on the PS3, IMO, and as the tech becomes more mainstream I have a hunch that Sally and Joe average might well agree on that point very soon. The cell processor has currently been receiving many a accolade from experienced developers and this is beginning to trickle down to the masses in the form of eye candy like Killzone 2 and God of War 3 -- /I realize I am going out on a limb in mentioning GOW3 /end sarcasm. Maybe most importantly (from solely a hardware standpoint), the hardware seems to be built to last. The same thing can't be said for some other gaming consoles out there (hint: be aware of the "made in USA" label when purchasing videogame consoles).

But what about the complaints, right? A piece of machinery with that kind of price tag shouldn't be receiving all the complaints that are surfacing on the internet like zits on Adriana Lima's teenaged pizza delivery boy, right?

Well, complaints like "it has no games", or "it's too futuristic looking to have mass appeal", or "it's do I put this without offending (...or whatever color it happens to be)" were present in the incipiency of each of Sony's previous gaming consoles. Yet, they came out as the console of choice in both of those instances. Oddly enough, they managed "victory" because, to quote many a fanboy, "it [had] many [good] games".

And you know what?

PS3 already has quite a few good games -- I'm not going to waste my time listing them because I like to assume that most people here aren't idiots -- and MANY anticipated games on the way. Games like (to name exclusives) Final Fantasy Versus XII, Killzone 2, God of War 3, and Grand Turismo 5 just to name a few.

Now what of the price tag?

This is the main reason why Sony is struggling to match Microsoft and Nintendo in console sales. Let's face it, if the PS3 were selling for the same price as the arcade version of the Xbox360, it would sell like hot cakes in an ice age. Even if mostly based on the fact that it would be a high-end blu-ray player for under $200.00.

The problem is that it obviously behooves of Sony to sell their system at close to what it costs them to manufacture, if not at a profit, so as not to run their company six feet under, so to speak. I have no reason to believe that this isn't what Sony is already doing, so, apparently, the price point will remain a thorn in Sony's side for a while...but only a temporary thorn, thanks to a little personable thing I like to call "time".

Give it time. Technology becomes increasingly cheap as manufacturing methods become more efficient and more robots replace human beings in the workplace (sorry, I just had to add that comment:).

Think of it this way, the most anticipated Sony (associated) franchises are yet to grace the beautiful black beast that is the PS3. Games like the Final Fantasy series, Grand Turismo, Jak and Daxter, Twisted Metal, the REAL Socom (read: developed by Zipper Interactive), God of War, and...heck, why not... Metal Gear Solid 5. Sprinkle in 3~4 price drops -- in which Sony is still selling at, or near, a profit -- and you have yourself yet another successful model. Yipee!

I don't know if the PS3 will win the "console war" and I don't care whether it does or not. But I'd bet my bottom dollar that Sony execs will have a smile from ear-to-ear when reminiscing back to the PS3 era a decade from now. And you know what? I think I will too.

cherrypie3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

"sony haters are out in full swing"

What? and are "sony haters" now?

You need a reality check. BIG TIME.

n to the b3648d ago

1.10 drewdrakes = only good response in defense of sony under comment #1. I own 360 only but [email protected] MS really p1ss3s me off sometimes, couldn't agree more.

INehalemEXI3647d ago

crazy how much media the PS3 generates this publicity is probably just going to have a positive effect on future sales though its negative. Gaming Journalist's got to get payed too.

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fuzon3648d ago

PS3 is selling better than what it did last year in europe and Japan

PS3 is projected to hit 22m -23m by the end of this year

Plus SONY can cut PS3's price many times in 2009 and beyond

so who should be worrying?

Light Yagami3648d ago

Microsoft can counterattack with a price cut :)

Rhythmattic3648d ago

Actually, If MS counteract with reliability, I will get one.

Not wanting to sound "Fan-boyish" but that is why I bought a PS3 first due to a friends 360 console meltdown...

And before you nail me to a cross, another friend with a recent model has had the dreaded "((( place acronym here )))" issue.

That , for an informed gammer just doesn't cut the mustard.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Micro$oft 'Should be Worried' About xBox 360, say Analysts

The xBox 360 got KILLED by the Wii in the US last month and it was cheaper the xBox 360??? WORRYING TIMES for M$!!! ;-D
Let's watch the sales for xBox 360 start to fall now!!! ;-D

+ I bet you the Mod's are loving this site this week!!! That's why they made this site in the 1st place...Hmm News4Gamers???
It should of been called News4Micro$!!! :-/

F**K IT!!! I'm off to play my PS3!!! ;-P F**K YOU ALL, YOU HATERS!!!
(+LOVE;)to ALL the PS3 Fans on this) ;)

ravinshield3648d ago

if i were Fony i would stop making ps3rds then start making walkmans all over again maybe that will work

dukadork3648d ago

"The value proposition for the PS3/Xbox 360 is now out of whack in favor of the Xbox 360"

way to go Brownie!

$199 for an arcade POS is like paying $1000 for a car with optional
- wheels
- windshield
- transmission
- breaks

it's a great deal although you might wake up the next day with an irritation in the ass


LFC1EE3648d ago

The uk is the biggest market in europe and at the moment the xbox360 is outselling the ps3 nearly 3-1 and the wii nearly 4-1, where are you getting your stats from, in japan the ps3 is not selling well at all the wii is trouncing it by nearly 4-1.
I wish ps3 sales would pick up because it's a good console but i blame the game devs really but there again the architecture of the ps3 is so very hard to emulate but by next year they should have cracked it, but theres no good defending a console when in fact it's getting trounced.

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LittleBigKillzone3648d ago

I want all of you to go to google and type in "Dont buy that Playstation 2 Time magazine article" what you will find is a Time magazine article from back in 2000 titled "Dont buy that Playstation 2" basically the article goes on to say that the dreamcast is the better buy because its cheaper, has better online capablities, better games and easier to develop for and also goes on to say that with the exception of having a DVD player the PS2 is really no different from the dreamcast and is a "Developer's nightmare" (Sound familiar?)

Again keep in mind this was a article from Time magazine back 8 years ago in 2000.. The point is this, The PS2 and the PSone have been through this all before.. With the PSone it was "N64 is better, PSone will fail in america but succeed in Japan" and look how that turned out. with the PS2 it was "overpriced, takes too long for good games to come out and its a developer's nightmare to make games for" well look how that turned out.. and today we have the PS3 going through the same exact situations as before saying PS3 is doomed yada yada, it blows my mind that the same people that get proven wrong by sony time and time again just never learn their lesson.

ultimolu3648d ago

I remembered that. The PS2 got mauled from left to right. Critics claimed it was too hard to develop for, etc, etc.

Same thing happening with the PS3.

Too hard to develop for.
Dreamcast is cheaper.

Yada, yada.

DA_SHREDDER3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Everything you say is very interesting. But the thing is that there wasn't a 360 back then. Things are different now. The economy is different. Gamers expect alot more from these systems now and honestly, the 360 has proven itself to be more then the dreamcast could have ever dreamed of becoming.

You people need to not worry though. Sony really should worry about the ps3, not you. They are the ones investing billions of dollars into the cell and the ps3. If they don't figure out what they are doing wrong then its their problem. The only thing you guys should be worried about is if there will be a ps4 in the future. I honestly don't know if there will be one, unless Sony can make a profit,, a large one at that.

I dont doubt they can't do it though. Games like God of War 3, Killzone, WKC, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, GT5, Wardevil, Infamous, 8 days, FF versus, and much much more should beable to separate the system from the rest. Until the xbox 720 comes out that is. Sony will be fine as long as Microsoft doesn't come out with a superior system that is easier to make games for. I have a feeling we will be seeing a 720 sooner then yall think though. Man this is crazy

Sarcasm3648d ago

"wasn't a 360 back then"

You sort of missed his comparison.

At the times of the PSone, there was the N64. Nintendo coming off the insanely popular SNES.

Then the PS2, with less than stellar graphics than the Dreamcast, Xbox, and Gamecube.

The biggest difference this generation, is PRICE.

The PS3 started too expensive, and is still too expensive for the average consumers.

Of course I still think the PS3 is worth the Value, but in this economic crisis people don't care about value but initial price point and what they can save NOW not later.

It's the American way. Save now, Pay more later.

40cal3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

7:59pm 12/12/2008
Sony Corp. SNE (NYSE
Change:+0.19 +0.90%

Microsoft Corporation. MSFT (NASDAQ GS)
Change:-0.09 -0.46%

Looks like even with the November PS3 NPD sales #s in, some ones stock is holding strong.

LOL, I am just wondering how you disagree with the market closing quotes from today. Are the NYSE and Nasdaq lying to us?

princejb1343648d ago

"But the thing is that there wasn't a 360 back then. Things are different now. The economy is different. Gamers expect alot more from these systems now and honestly, the 360 has proven itself to be more then the dreamcast could have ever dreamed of becoming."

what the hell are you talking about saying 360 was there back then
what are you MS cheerleader, you talk as if MS is a god put on this earth just to feed you everyday
the dreamcast was a good system, it sold a descent amount of units, and had great games, not good but great games
yes the 360 has proved itself to be a good system, but it hasnt accomplished enough yet, it also has a long way to go, just like the ps3 has a very long way to go
no system right now is overpowering the other, there about equal with their unique type of games
a godly system will be something like the ps2 which took over the gamecube, and the xbox with units sold, and the numbers of software sold

40cal3648d ago

The 2000 article that we are talking about and then they did it again in 2006 saying the same thing about the PS3 that they said about the PS2.

I am willing to bet that they will be wrong again. Wait I have already placed that bet.

Death3648d ago

Sales paint an entirely different picture.

In May of 2002 the PS2 was 2 years old In Japan and about 18 months old in North America and Europe. Sales were at 30 million world wide. By the end of 2002 the PS2 had been out for 2 years in all regions. Sales were at the 40 million mark.

In September 1997 the Playstation was 2 years old. Sales were close to 30 million worldwide. http://www.playstationmuseu...

In both cases the Playstation brand was the number one selling console with the largest percentage of market share.

Fast forward to today and the PS3 has broken 17 million after 2 years and is in third place in both sales and market share. That is a pretty significant change from the PS2 and PS1.


no-spin3648d ago

Interesting point.
You made a statement that is barely touched in this forums.
Is not all about the one month explosions or so.
PS3 has been outselling the X360 the rest of the year. The PS brand is as solid as it gets. Sony is in this for more than the month of Nov of 2008. Next holidays he PS3 will be 3 years old, the price cut is imminent and the line up is just impressive.
In one year i think PS3 will prove this fake reports wrong and the gamers are going to be the winners, along with the imminent PS3 expansion.

This low articles get me pump for buying Little Big Planet and Motorstorm Pacicific Rift, and trade in the unoriginal Gears of War 2 (feels like an expansion of the first = boring)

Final_Rpg3648d ago

Wow, you took every argument against the future of the PS3 and sent them into redundancy. One word: Nice.

Hutch23553648d ago

Come on why do we talk about japan, they sell the least amount of consoles. There economy is terrible and will get worse as well. We talk about america because for one country it sells by far the most consoles. Thats why it is so important. Look at the ps3 more sales in japan, and the rest of the world, but add in america and they loose by 5+ million. That is why it is important. The rest of the world go to hell. My opinion, and thats the only one that matters.

Hutch23553648d ago

Hate to tell you buddy, but the stock price means nothing. The market cap is all that matters, Msoft 120+billion, sony less than half that. There are way more shares of msoft out there than sony. You must be twelve. Msoft has twice as much cash on hand as well. And lets not forget about profit. haha not even close msoft with less revenue, has 10+times the actual profit. lol Don't even try to compare the two companies money wise.

Dannagar3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

That was in 2000, the first Christmas PS2 was released. This is the third Christmas for PS3. PS2 had weaker competition. The current competition is fierce. It's a bit different.

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ultimolu3648d ago

...And Sony will prove them wrong *next* year.

WIIIS13648d ago

You know how that sounds, don't you?

ultimolu3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago ) I should say the PS3 sucks and it will never, ever beat the 360.

That should make you feel better, right?

Have you seen the PS3's lineup for next year? The console war is far from over so open your eyes.

I guess 360 fans would rather have PS3 fans cry for the system itself rather than trying to stay optimistic.

WIIIS13648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Rationally, you should say yes there is cause for concern over PS3 and Sony ought to seriously rethink their strategy to compensate for their past mistakes. Say that instead of repeating the next year mantra.

And Sony's 2009 lineup is not more impressive than 2008.

Danja3648d ago

Uncharted 2
FF13 *Japan*
Heavy Rain
Possible R&C
GOW3 - very likely

to name a compare these to what Sony offered this I probably missed a few

ultimolu3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Is that so?

So...I was watching movies in 2008 rather than play games, right? No, I am sorry. Their lineup *is* impressive for next year and my opinion stands. Your opinion is not fact, just like my opinion is not fact.

ionstorm: Can we stop with 'TEH PS3 ISH DOOMEDZ' crap?

How about that?

ionstorm3648d ago

can we stop with the next year crap.

shadow-sentinel3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

"And Sony's 2009 lineup is not more impressive than 2008. "

Wow, I know I'll definitely enjoy 2009 more than 2008.

Below: "Are WKC (English version) and GOW3 coming out in 2009? I'm not so sure and neither are you. "

Yeah we aren't sure but it seems as though you're trying to say WKC (English version) will be released 2010. We'll find out later...

But whatever, your opinions are yours. A person like you does not represent the many.

WIIIS13648d ago


2008 had MGS4, the next instalment to a highly celebrated series (but I must say I didn't enjoy it at all). 2009 has Killzone 2, the sequel to a big disappointment.

2008 had LBP, the biggest new innovative IP and hailed as a genre defining game. 2009 has Heavy Rain which is already receiving criticisms for QTS.

2008 had Resistance 2, much hyped sequel to PS3's best launch title. 2009 has Uncharted 2, the sequel to PS3's best action game imo.

2008 had GT5 Prologue, precursor to the much celebrated GT series that every PS fan swears by.

Are WKC (English version) and GOW3 coming out in 2009? I'm not so sure and neither are you.

So I'd say overall, 2008's lineup looks better even though I'm personally looking forward much to Uncharted 2.