Uncomplicating Final Fantasy X and the existence of Tidus

Everyone who's played Final Fantasy X agrees on one thing – Tidus' story is a gigantic mess. In this special we'll untie all the knots in the story and explain to you who Tidus is and how important he is in all this mess that is the story of Final Fantasy X.

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Interloper162d ago

I mean, it is? I think they explained it very well. ._.

celohill162d ago

It's a gift to those who played final fantasy x. It's good to didn't understand what happened with tidus and it's good to revisit the story in a very clear way.

SDuck161d ago

this is not even an explanation of said "complicated events", it's just a giant summary of the game.

Krivvin161d ago

There is one missing piece for the ending of this article. A conversation with Shiva provides the information for why Tidus is alive at the end of the game.

"Should the dreaming end, you too will disappear—Fade into Spira's sea, Spira's sky. But do not weep, nor rise in anger. Even we were once human. That is why we must dream. Let us summon a sea in a new dream world. A new sea for you to swim." - Shiva to Tidus

Krivvin159d ago

I like sharing that piece from the story. That conversation with Shiva stuck with me. I thought the whole Dream City and the dreamers concept was pretty cool. If I recall, Bahamut was talking about how the Fayth were tired of maintaining the dream for so long and needed some rest from the dream. Then talking to Shiva about how the dream will end, but then revealing that about how the dream can happen again that will allow Tidus to come back.