Gran Turismo 7 - Powered by PS5 (Behind The Scenes) | PS5

How would the power of PlayStation 5 change the experience of Gran Turismo 7.

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SullysCigar152d ago

I bet the haptics alone will be on another level in GT7. So much has been learned through the games from other devs since PS5 launched.

gravedigger151d ago

Oh yep. That's why GT7 will be great. I'm sure

gravedigger151d ago

What, wheel owners downvoted my post? Lol

Eidolon151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Would be cool with haptics and adaptive triggers, but something about driving sims that I want to use a wheel.

SullysCigar151d ago

Fair point - hopefully they bring out a PS5 wheel with all that built in. That would be awesome!

Eidolon151d ago

I do think they have PS5 compatible wheels/pedals with haptics and resistance, though. lol

frostypants151d ago

Yeah but the haptics for braking on the controller might actually even things out a bit...being able to feel the brakes locking up will be huge. We need pedals that have haptic feedback.

Eidolon151d ago

Yeah, not to sure about the pedals all too much, there might exist some that have resistance on the brakes.

porkChop151d ago

They don't need a special wheel set for that. Modern wheels already have different forms of advanced force feedback to let you feel terrain, tire slip, etc. The brake pedals will have a different tension compared to the accel or clutch. Any modern wheel will give you a great experience.

Evan_Beezy151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Really it’s one of those things that would really benefit if Microsoft/Sony for once just dropped certification standards and just sold together on a wheel that would work for Forza and Gran Turismo across all platforms/ maybe even PC and 👍 the like 😑

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victorMaje152d ago

I’m not into driving sims but I dunno I feel like I’m going to end up getting that one :)

Atticus_finch152d ago

I wasn't either until GT6 and I started trying to learn the tracks and focus as best as I could. And suddenly I was doing laps around Nurburgring with no accidents. I was really proud.
And I have never had a more exciting and tense experience in any game like I have while racing online in GTs. Plus the online community is awesome.

darkrider152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Of course. A real racer where there no tricks... That makes the race a tense experience. A mistake and its all over.

Ethereal152d ago

I've been playing GT since GT2 on PS1 but I completely agree that there is something very unique about it. GT Sport was great and I also spent who knows how long on the getting the gold time attach on Nurburgring and it demands absolute perfect. Such an amazing course. Looking forward to GT7 and the dualsense features.

Eidolon151d ago

Put so much time into GT3 on PS2, it does get addicting.

Syphos151d ago

GT Sport was my return to this series, I also did all the tracks gold and put in quite a bit of online time, the only downside to me is how the driver / sportmanship ratings work, there's still alot of drivers who unfortunately launch you off the track even in the A / S ranks, the penalty system should be much more harsh on such drivers imo, they often get off without any penalty at all which is just mind boggling.

Apart from that it's a great game though, so if the penalty system is fixed in GT7 I don't even care about all the other stuff as much because it already was great in GT Sport and I don't see them downgrading other aspects of the game, so pretty excited for this one!

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Atticus_finch152d ago

Holy.... We aren't ready for this. What a graphical beast.

frostypants151d ago

Nah that title goes to iRacing.

LordStig151d ago

iRacing is elitists' PC master race garbage and the only reason it's in the position it's in today is because of Max Vestappen and Lando Norris and that was only during the first lockdown.

Serious the game has a terrible subscription service, you don't own anything, its all overpriced, to progress you must spend money, It has an ugly menu, it's not user friendly especially for new comers, your race can be ruined before its even started, and it's handling system is based on "the cars are slippery in our game because it make them more realistic" i'm speaking from experience. iRacing. worst birthday present ever.

Professional Race Car Drivers Cant Stand iRacing

Atticus_finch151d ago

Let me know when Iracing doesn't look like a last gen game.

Rhythmattic151d ago


Breaking it out, and backing it up...
Interesting Vid.. Will be sharing that with my "iRacing", Im racing taRDS,

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