This $150 Resident Evil Backpack is Sharp and Fans Will Love It

COG: SuperGroupies have released a line of Resident Evil backpacks and while they are a bit pricey, there is no question fans will love them.

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Michiel1989155d ago

25th anniversary to squeeze some money out of your loyal fans by selling them a regular backpack for 150 bucks, what a celebration that is

Ninver155d ago

They should be jailed for trying to rob their fans

XbladeTeddy154d ago

No one is forcing you to buy it and it's their IP.

monkey602155d ago

In other words a $150 backpack that will be bought purely by lads who'll immediately list it on selling sights for $900 a pop

gamer7804155d ago

The shareholders will also love it….

XbladeTeddy154d ago

Selling a few backpacks isn't going to cause their stocks to rise.

gamer7804154d ago

It was a joke cause they are so overpriced

jznrpg154d ago

They won’t sell enough to make a stock go any direction . Future growth by a multitude of $millions matters not a small blip like this .

anast155d ago

It's funny these companies charge gamers for giving these companies money for 25 years.

RavenWolfx155d ago

Cool bag, I might give $25.

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