G.Swaby Of The Koalition Responds To CNN's "PS3 Is A Sinking Ship" Article

Swaby: In the aftermath of the November 2008 NPD, the Nintendo Wii continues to dominate while the Xbox 360 triumphs over long term rival Sony's Playstation 3. This result has given Sony the usual flock of doubt and negative press from media sources. But one Cnn writer has caught my eye specifically by declaring Sony's Playstation 3 to be a sinking ship, therefore I urge to give a response to the writer Eric Krangel's words.

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morganfell3595d ago

Also CNN should consider that the biggest game of 2005 E3, the title that was the subject of more press than any other game that year doesn't release until February. More than MGS4, it was billed as the reason to own a PS3. Considering that since it's launch the PS3 has gained on the 360's sales lead in over all numbers every year - which means worldwide it is selling at a faster rate - I would say the CNN article is idiotic at best.

Perhaps CNN wrote the article based on a 4 year lifespan for a console. What company would do something like that and drop consumers in the dirt after such a short ride?

CIO Caveman Trolls3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

A little too late though, the only one who can save the sinking ship is SONY.. not CNN editors, Swaby, random bloggers, SDF, personal onions, you, obama, chuck norris, myself.. not even Jesus nor Satan. just taking advantage of the upsetting news, erm.. to get more hits that is. Fission mailed

cmrbe3595d ago

drop the xbox after 4 years.

WIIIS13595d ago

Lol! Now KZ2 is the bigger game than MGS4... Is it bigger than LBP and Final Fantasy XIII, oh sorry I mean FF Versus since XIII has gone multiplatform...? You guys are a good laugh and a half.

cmrbe3595d ago

journalist are getting sloppy. If the CNN guy have done his reasearch then he would have found out that Sony actually increased their sales by 60% compare to last year sofar. Yes sales have decreased compare to Nov 07 but its only just 90k decrease in a period of financial crisis with alternatives 200 dollars cheaper. I seriously ask weather these journalist have any brains at all. As a matter of fact the PS3 increased sales from the previous month.

Is it fair to say a company is sinking just on one month sales in one region?. What will these idiots say if wii has a bad month?. Nintendo sinking?.

SCE are not idiots. They know how to win console wars. They did it twice in a row with huge margins. SCE even managed to dethrone the all mighty Nintendo in one go back in the PS1 era. The PS3 is set to sell at least 10 million console a year for ten years. Sony knows this. Anyone with half a brain knows this. When all is said and done the PS3 will pass the 100 million mark just like how it took the PS2 7 years to pass the 100 million mark.

So really. All you haters hate as much as you can and spread fud all you like. In the end Sony and PS fans will have the last laugh.

WIIIS13595d ago

You're a funny guy. Sony has already made so many mistakes with blu-ray, price point, game development, third party exclusives, marketing etc and those mistakes are now statistically proven and you're still in denial. I'm sure if you're a Sony executive looking at the November sales figures, you'd be thinking long and hard about where Sony has gone so horribly wrong instead of consoling yourself with how well Sony has done with PS2 'cos its your frigging job on the line.

rhood0223595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Wow. It's amazing to see logic on this board. Bubbles.


You know, when Sony was outselling MS every month but three in the US and every month everywhere else in the world from December 2007 to the latest US price cut (because we all know the PS3 outsold the 360 in Europe and Japan even when it got a price cut), where were the "OMG the 360 is doooomed!" articles?

Sure, there were the "2008 is the year of the PS3" articles..but that was software. And, in terms of quality titles that was true. But it's hardly the same.

I mean, we got an article about the 360 outselling the PS3 in Japan every week for a month. Moreover, each one made it seem like the 360 was about to wipe the floor with the PS3. But when the PS3 wiped out the 360's six week total in one month...nothing.


yeah..Sony made a mistake with all that based on ONE MONTH of the United States (cause worldwide sales don't matter apparently.)

I mean, its only logical that the entire SONY corporation should be be worried, despite the fact the PS3 outsold the 360 in 2007 (even with the MS perfect storm of games) and for most of 2008, including the 360's first price drop in July. Damn, they are surely in trouble.

cmrbe3595d ago

haha. You guys are the ones that are in denial. The only 2 mistake Sony made was 1. Letting go of Ken and 2. Removing PS2 BC from the lower end PS3.

Sony has a business to run. They don't just cut the price because journalist and gamers demand one. They will do what is necessary to achieve their sales and profit targets. From the beginning that means including blu ray and future proofing the PS3 and investing more in internal devs so that they can support the PS3 for ten years.Sony from the beginning talked about this 10 year plan.

Sony knew from the beginning that 3rd parties exclusive this gen is dead because of the rising cost of game dev hence their investment in 1st and 2nd parties and less focus on 3rd parties. In either case they will release their games on the PS3 anyways.

The price of the PS3 is something they had to sacrifice in order to make the PS3 last ten years. Of the 3 consoles. Only the PS3 has the legs to last more than 6 years as its the only console that is equipt to last past the dvd era. Sony sacrifice early gains for long term gains in this regard.

As for marketing. This has always been Sony's marketing from old. They rely on word of mouth to sell their games in its lifetime. Sony dosen't have the budget to market all their exclusive like MS does anyways. MS only has a few exclusive that they can blow millions on.