Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira Debate Game of the Year

If you've been paying attention, you'd notice a bit of a feud brewing between Attack of the Show's Kevin Pereira and X-Play's Adam Sessler over X-Play's pick for Game of the Year. Well, they've both agreed to a live debate on the Friday edition of AOTS.

Kevin contends that something more along the lines of Left 4 Dead or Fallout 3 should take home the crown for 2008, but Adam is more a fan of the nuanced, lengthier gameplay of Fable II. And so, the two duke it out oratorially, and luckily settle the dispute like gentlemen.

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TrevorPhillips3600d ago

not this again, guys grow up

MAR-TYR-DOM3600d ago

there is no way in hell you can argue why fable won goty when fallout won RPG of the year. Thats a contradiction. To me it seems like this is a total ploy by G4 TV to just garner a bigger audience and get more people watching their shows.

Hits are important.

lokiroo4203599d ago

What I dont get is why do they keep defending and explaining their decision, shouldnt your game of the year be a clear cut choice? Shouldnt it be clear to the viewers how the game could be nominated and win the award?

Lombax3600d ago

Not exactly the argument I was hoping for. I wish it was a little more fleshed out. But yeah, Fallout is a better game. INEO (In nearly everyone's opinion)

Everyone3600d ago

Don't put words in my mouth

Hellgiver3600d ago

Personally, the best games I've played this year are Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead. I used to be a huge Gears fan, and Gears 2 really let me down with broken multiplayer, though I'll still play it if lots of my friends are in a party and want to play it.

Fable 2 was too glitchy. I ran into the Rescuing Charlie glitch after many hours into the game. It was a game ending glitch. Can't hold the A button anymore to open doors and the like. I haven't touched the game since the week it came out. Once they fix that, I can at least enjoy it again. Regardless, I still don't consider it to be GOTY for me.

Fallout 3 had plenty to do, and was very engrossing. I am going to be playing through it again while I'm on vacation.

I spend all my online time on Left 4 Dead now. Co-op is so much fun.

Dmitry Orlov3599d ago

I love Fable 2 just like I love Fable 1. 50+ hours and could easily spend more.
For me, Fallout 3 is Oblivion with guns. And I hate Oblivion.
Everyone has their own opinion. You do remeber that next time, Lombax.

Legion3597d ago

Legion is everyone and we disagree with your statement.

I am currently playing Fallout 3 and sitting at something like 30 hours and only just inching towards level 9. I like the game, it has my attention and really is fun. But for some reason, or maybe a few reasons... I just am not thrilled with the game. Seems like it is dull graphics wise and it could have been so much more.

Fallout 3 is your typical RPG with combat that really isn't very unique. It matters little why i would want to shoot someones leg versus making sure I had a good headshot. Shooting the Ants antenas frenzied them real good but I had an easier time just once again blowing their heads off!!!!

Fable 2 has it's simple RPG roots but it feels more like you are living a game versus just shooting and getting to the next level. Yes it has it's glitches (don't get me into how many times I have gotten stuck in the environment in Fallout 3 and had to reset my system!!!) but they have been dealt with and the game is truly an entertaining romp.

And in todays day and age, YES multiplayer does factor into the debate. If Fallout 3 had even a simple enough addition of allowing co-op play then it would have probably garnished a win over all the other games mentioned in the debate over GOTY. Just as Fable did with adding a sidekick, Fallout could have sold the same gameplay idea!!! I would love for my friends to take over my mutated side kick duties and help take down the nasty bad guys.

What ever... it really matters very little any ways. Everyone has an opinion and their opinion sways me none at all.

Unless of course they voted for LBP or MGS4, then I would laugh them off the planet.

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Bon Scott3600d ago

on the money,
Gears 2 aside.

ionstorm3600d ago

false. fallout 3 wrecks fable 2

Xi3600d ago

Sometime it's what a game does that makes it better then the score it recieves. Like fable 2's ability to merge sim like social interactions with action RPG.

Or LBP's ability to add creation content to a platformer.

tehReaper3600d ago

Metacritic is a joke. Real gamers buy on instinct and preference.

Oner3599d ago

"Sometime it's what a game does that makes it better then the score it recieves."

This is not meant towards you in any "bad" way, it's just an observation I have yet to get an answer to....So how does that same comment not apply to PS3 games that you see people always complain about? I'll just use one example for this view ~ Resistance 2?

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