New MadWorld trailer

A new trailer for MadWorld has been released.

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3596d ago
Shnazzyone3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

OOOOO so much blooood. I'm gettin' riled up! Mad world might be very very awesome.

EDIT: Finally got that hulking vid to load completely and have additional comments.

item 1. Jaqck says "groovy" at the end It made lol and made me think of Evil Dead 3. points added.

item 2. How awesome was that "happy Holidays!" at the end? Seriously that officially makes it possibly the best game preview of all time!

Mahr3596d ago

"Jaqck says "groovy" at the end It made lol and made me think of Evil Dead 3. points added."

As much as I hesitate to say anything that might result in points being un-added, having listened to it a couple times, I think Jack actually said "Groupies."

It seems like it fits more in the context of the line right beforehand where the voice says "Make your fans happy" and showing Jack getting ambushed by a group of five or so psychotic-looking enemies.

Captain_Sony3596d ago

He does say groupies. Guys telling him to go entertain his fans then some enemies spawn and he calls them groupies.

jorgeanaya0003596d ago

Cool trailer! The Happy Holidays thing was pretty cool. It's easily one of my most anticipated titles.

TruthbeTold3596d ago

at the Christmas tree at the end. This game is gonna be some bloody, goof fun.

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