Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt will pay just $1.85 million in proposed class-action settlement

The game had a budget of over $300 million, and made it back in one day

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H9156d ago

I laugh that people thought CD Projekt Red would pay the price for what they did, no one's serious about punishing them, Cd projeckt Red lost only $51.2 million from refunds, while gaining $563 million, when the refund loss is 11% of the total earning then people didn't do anything they got a broken game and happily accepted it, fans aren't serious about punishing them and neither are media and investors!

Xb1ps4156d ago

I did my part... I didn't buy it and I won't

H9156d ago

Good on you, better than tons of people that preach about the industry and working environment yet allow them to get away with it

_Decadent_Descent156d ago

I haven't bought it yet either. They f'ed up for sure, but they can still redeem themselves. I don't plan to support the game until they do.

Ninver155d ago

Never bought it either. It'll end up on psn at some point

esherwood155d ago

Punish them? Gtfo of here. How many worse games get released everyday and no one cares? Just because it didn’t live up to your expectations doesn’t mean they owe to money

H9155d ago

I had no expectations for the game I was never a fan, but what they did was wrong and like you said it's being done every day (par the worse part, a bad game is not a problem, broken game is), that's why something needs to be done and Of Course starting with the big names that they think they are untouchable

Michiel1989155d ago

ive never seen a console game have less fps than Cyberpunk on ps4. A bad game is subjective, shitty performance is objective.

FPS_D3TH155d ago

Yeah steam doesn’t really allow me to refund anything I’ve played more than 2 hours. Stop blaming gamers lmao, you’re missing the point too

H9155d ago

Of Course not everyone who wanted to refund could, but with the program that CDPR launched for refunding the game, almost everyone could, gamers are guilty in this just as much as corporations, we are their target audience afterall

Teflon02155d ago

Pretty sure steam was letting people refund it even after that.

Bladesfist155d ago

Steam just doesn't automatically approve refunds after 2 hours, they will be manually reviewed.

justadelusion156d ago

Only 1.85 million? There really is no justice.

_Decadent_Descent156d ago

No justice? What exactly did you want to see happen?

CyberSentinel155d ago

The COST to cd project red’s reputation,
was the real hit to the company. I don’t want to see them go bankrupt, but I won’t preorder their next release. I will wait until
reviews that I trust before I buy.

SullysCigar155d ago

Same, on the reviews front, but I'll also purchase their next game secondhand. The knew what they were doing.

I'm sure my one sale won't lose them any sleep, but I'll feel better on principle lol

jeromeface155d ago

If you don't get it at steep discount you're just a bandwagon hater. Was it disappointing compared to what was promised? Sure... Does that make it a horrible game? Absolutely not.

Sephiroushin155d ago

It was an horrible game. I think they have fixed many things but when it released it was horrible not just disappointed!

pietro1212155d ago

It was a pretty mediocre game

Hofstaderman155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

I could not afford this and Ghost of Tsushima. I chose this turd. Luckily the store allowed me to return it for a refund. I will never fall for their hype again.

rdgneoz3155d ago

Ghost was in July 17 2020, while CyberPunk was Sept 17 2020...

pietro1212155d ago

Which means he didn't play either game at launch and that's okay. Don't worry, I fell for the hype too. After Witcher 3, I thought CD Project could do no wrong... Boy was I wrong

Hofstaderman155d ago

I held out on Ghost and waited for Cyberpunk which only added to my disappointment.

Spartacus10155d ago

No sympathy for people who buy games without finding out whether they're broken or not. Those people are contributing to the problem of devs releasing unfinished, untested games then releasing massive patches weeks or even months down the line because they know they can get away with doing that.

sourOG155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Eh, when you have a reputation like CDPR does then it’s understandable. I preordered cyberpunk the day it was available because I loved the Witcher 3 and their support of it. That’s the only reason, I don’t know shit about cyberpunk. I still haven’t played more than an hour yet, I’m waiting for the free ps5 version. If it isn’t free I will probably never play it.

That’s what they threw away with cyberpunk. That blind reputation gamble like I did. That will never happen for them again.

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