Sony Files A New Trademark For The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 has received a new trademark filed by Sony. The trademark application is for a video game, implying that they want to extend it.

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zsquaresoff535d ago

I hope they give this game another chance, it had an incredible story and gameplay, It was just unfortunate that the game length was extremely short.

Magog535d ago

The team that made it was bought by Facebook. I don't see why they would continue the series with a new team rather than just make a new IP.

Neonridr535d ago

I guess it's still possible that another studio could take another swing at it. But yeah, Ready at Dawn was bought by Facebook.

darthv72535d ago

would be cool to see an oculus version.

CrimsonWing69535d ago

It wouldn't be the first time this has happened. Bungie and 343 come to mind with Halo.

Magog535d ago

@CrimsonWing69 the difference is Halo was still successful. In my mind they should have put the series to rest when the original creators got tired of it but Microsoft love to flog the series so there you go.

ALMGNOON535d ago

am pretty sure Sony owns the IP so that doesn't matter at all.

GamingSinceForever535d ago

So what other great games has that studio produced since being bought by Facebook?

Magog535d ago

@GamingSinceForever they made Lone Echo a well received VR game.

Lord_Sloth535d ago

The team was, but that doesn't mean all of them left Sony. It's entirely possible that several of the employees still work for Sony.

Rhythmattic535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

"The team that made it was bought by Facebook."
Yes.. Not the IP...
Personally, The IP has soooo much potential for exploration.......If done right.....
Which brings me to your post... Unlike FB... Sorry, Meta.... A team is not IP, and with an even better team working on such said IP, It could be a winner...

Def wont be 1886 infinite,

deleted534d ago

Exactly @Rhythmattic Could you imagine if The Order was handed over to a studio like Santa Monica?! The Order 1886 set up a really nice setting and lore... now the idea could be pushed to the next level by one of Sony's high tier studios. It may be too much to ask to get one of the big dogs on it, but one can dream.

It could even work out that someone like Santa Monica create a smaller team just for creative vision, then hand over the busy work of building that world to one of their subsidiaries like the newly acquired Valkyrie Entertainment, which specializes in high tier support work.

Magog534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

@Lord_Sloth Readyatdawn were never owned by Sony so no, none of their employees stayed with Sony. Order 1886 was a second party game funded by Sony but developed by an outside company.

Neonridr534d ago

@GamingSinceForever - Lone Echo and its sequel are some of the better VR games out there with a great story and some awesome VR integration. The second game only came out in October of this year, so it will be some time before we see their next project.

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_SilverHawk_535d ago

Hopefully playstation-5 will have a sequel to the order 1886.

FlavorLav01535d ago

Please let one of the big boys take a swing at it and slay us with an awesome game. Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Sony Santa Monica, and Sony Bend could all do this IP justice.

Magog535d ago

Why would any of Sony's teams want to take their time and resources to work on another studios unsuccessful IP instead of their own unique ideas? Generally speaking Sony doesn't assign their top teams games to make they let them make what they want and are passionate about.

SenorFartCushion534d ago

It’ll be just to hold on to the rights. They’re not making a new one. A remaster in 5 years is most likely, but until then, no.

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FlavorLav01535d ago

If it had been marketed correctly as a strong narrative experience and sold for $30-40 instead of full price, the game would’ve big a huge success and we’d have guaranteed sequels. Loved the game, hope more from this IP is on the way.

Rhythmattic535d ago

It def cut corners though.. The Wolf fights where copy and pasted, the gun mechanics, decent... But the World was what made it... Maybe your standard gun mechanics, but never the guns....

The round table needs to be fleshed out....

DeusFever535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Short games are ok with me. Everyone loves the Titanfall 2 campaign and it was only about 5 hours. The issue is gameplay, and frustrating controls that did not need to be frustrating. Other than that, the look and feel was fantastic.

porkChop535d ago

Titanfall 2 also had an excellent multiplayer mode though. As excellent as the campaign was, no one would have paid full price for just that.

Ramboforlife535d ago

Totally agree. If it was a 20-30 hour campaign, it would have sold very well. It deserves another chance.

Livingthedream535d ago

Nah it had mediocre to terrible reviews. Don’t really know anyone who actually loved the game, but there was potential. They should give it another go same studio. Lol

Rude-ro535d ago

This is not that type of game.
I can not think of a single story driven game that does not have endless fetch quests in a forced open world type game that comes close to 20 hours.

Let’s be realistic…
Either way, the game had issues that can easily be remedied and make for an amazing sequel and I hope it happens.

SenorFartCushion534d ago

It was good but had a terrible
Cliffhanger. An actual second half would have skyrocketed the game’s status. TLOU 2 was over 30 hours long for some people.

porkChop535d ago

It really just needed to be twice as long. I can put up with super linear, tightly scripted gameplay as long as I feel like I'm getting my money's worth. But the game was so short with little replay value. And the length prevented the lore from being properly realized.

I'm interested as long as they can flesh out the length. Possibly open up the gameplay slightly without detracting from the movie-like scripting.

-Foxtrot535d ago

Yeah I really liked the overall world and Sir Galahad


Having Werewolves and then vampires opened it up to so many possibilities, who's to say other mythical beasts couldn't be introduced.

EmperorDalek535d ago

The story was good until it ended on a cliff hanger, I wouldn't call it incredible. The gameplay was dreadful. I would like to see an improved sequel however.

itsmebryan534d ago


Maybe I'm missing something but, wasn't that game panned after much hype as not very good and poor gameplay? Metacritic is 63% and user rating of 6.7 and by no means consider a hit.
Actually a new developer could be good for the game.

Flewid638534d ago

Limited gameplay mechanics too but I REALLY enjoyed what was there.

alb1899534d ago

Yep, I always liked the atmosphere and characters of this game. I think it can be a really good game if they put emphasis on the gameplay.

DarXyde534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

I don't know if I would say the gameplay was "incredible." The lore was fine and the weapons were awesome (and truly a standout visually, no questions asked). I'm impressed they got a game looking this good to run in such a stable condition when you consider the tech last gen. I only played it on base PS4, and that was really a marvel.

But that all said, the gameplay didn't stand out for me at all. Felt like a pretty standard affair and, as you said, the length was pretty short. Granted, I got it on sale for $12, so I don't feel bad about that purchase. It didn't really linger so the point was really to tell the story they wanted to tell, which I can respect.

I also hope they give it another chance, but I would prefer if they really made it stand out. There's a ton of creative talent over at PlayStation, so if Ready at Dawn had learned from the shortcomings of the first game and they're willing to solicit feedback from PlayStation studios, it has great potential.

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NovusTerminus535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

I really want another one, I bought it day one zero regrets. I enjoyed it a lot and has lots of room for a sequel.


USPTO policy is that a trademark only be updates with visual proof once every ten years after initial filing, and since the game is still for sale on the PlayStation Network it is likely just a paper work error that will be corrected so that they can continue selling the game digitally.

RaidenBlack535d ago

Yea ... I initially though this might be for a near-future res+fps boost and/or a PC port, paving way for 1887.

GhostofHorizon535d ago

It was a really good game but there was a ton of room for improvement all around. If they had another crack at it, it could be something special.

Eidolon534d ago

A lot of games before and since have made absolutely shameless attempts at making a great experience that ended up falling short. This game gets the worst of it because of hype. And it's actually has really good narrative and gameplay. Tell me one thing NOW that it did wrong that other games aren't doing. Tell me.

BenRC01534d ago

I really like it, bought the special edition years after release, expecting an average game but was very pleasantly surprised

Relientk77535d ago

I really liked the concept, but the game wasn't perfect. It definitely had some flaws. The graphics not being one, they were insane. The coolest guns in the game were only usable for a short period of time. I believe there were like 2 werewolf fights that were basically identical which people pointed out. I'd love for the series to get another shot.

masterfox535d ago

hope there is a sequel, first one was and still is stunning from every aspect, from gameplay, visuals , music, etc, you name it, it literally the whole game is realtime cgi!, imagine what a PS5 can do to it!