Quantic Dream's David Cage on Heavy Rain

Source: Recently we traveled to Paris to visit Quantic Dream, the studio behind Omikron: The Nomad Soul and Indigo Prophecy. We spoke to Quantic Dream founder and CEO David Cage about the upcoming Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer, a game designed solely for the PlayStation 3. Cage is the director and screenwriter for Heavy Rain, meaning he was the one in charge of writing some 2,000 pages of script for it, which he expects to be released in late 2009. Besides showing us "The Taxidermist," a demo that has been seen before in other venues such as E3, Cage and the rest of the Quantic team were very protective of any details regarding the story and characters that will be seen in Heavy Rain. Still Cage, who worked as a musician, composer and writer for years before founding QD in 1997, was a fascinating person to talk to, if guarded about any of Heavy Rain's many secrets.

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David Cage is the Best of the Best, HEAVY RAIN BABY, cant wait

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