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It's getting really cold here, which means it seems that Hell is probably freezing over. In fact that must be true because Home is finally out. Yes, Sony's virtual hangout city is finally upon gamers, having been unleashed to the masses this week. After being in beta testing for pretty much ever, it's now widely available to everyone. In beta form, that is.

So how is the public release? Has it lived up to the promise of being your one-stop place to chat about games, play mini-games and make new friends? Is there even anything to do? Here's what the IGN PlayStation Team has to say about the matter.

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WANNA GET HIGH3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

To be honest i think home is boring.I was in it for a good hour or so exploring every thing and trying to see if i would grow to like it the more i stay but i did not.I hate playing chees,that ice breaker game is crap,i dont want to bowl and i dont want to be watching a trailler of a game.I can understand what sony is trying to do and i know it is an innovation online service but i was just bored.I invited some friends to my club and after a while we were like "WTF" i would rather be playing games than doing this.I think home is not for every body and most people will hate it.But with that said i know its still a beta and not the final product so i can understand.I hope the final service will be alot better than this and offer much more because i really dont like what was there.

Saint Sony3596d ago

"Boring" indeed is a word that currently suits Home, but we have to remember it's still beta. Anyhow, Home felt so much more interesting as a concept/text.

austere3596d ago

everything you said is fact. But UH OH you are saying something negative about Sony on N4G so prepare to be bashed and given many disagrees.

Lifendz3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

and I know my fellow PS3 owners are going to disagree with me, but I could've done without this.

First off I know HOME is free, is entirely optional to use, and didn't cost me a dime. But, it wasn't free for Sony to make this thing. They could've taken that money and done any number of things: improve the trophy loadout; maybe allow for custom avatars; leaving voice messages;...I don't know...something!

But instead I get this virtual space where a bunch of children run around dancing and we all get to watch low res videos and play boring games.

God, no wonder Phil Harrison was fired. This was his baby afterall. It's a shame Sony didn't have the foresight to scrap Home. THey could've maybe used that money to lower the price of the system since it seems that's the major hurdle to everyone getting a PS3.

austere3596d ago


someone that hit the nail on the head for once. Sony's time and money wasted on something that should of been abandoned awhile ago.

Liquid Dust3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Im a little indifferent at the moment...

It felt really great being able to get a few friends together in a circle and do a little chatting, getting to know your fellow players on your buddy list from around the world instead of shooting them in the face with a shotgun before they can say "hi" in actual games.

I am just hoping for a LARGE amount of weekly updates to go along with the playstation store updates. HOME just needs some more content stat to keep my attention.

If things stay as they are I will probably just make visits to my virtual space every other week, but i would love to make it a daily occurance if it becomes more streamlined and contributive to my gaming experience.

HDgamer3596d ago

Home is not a game just a social network and its free. Not mandatory either.

Lifendz3596d ago

I know it's not mandatory. We all know that. Okay, it's not a game. Cool. It's free for us to use. Great.

But it's a waste of resources by a company that drastically needs to push hardware. This money could've gone to advertising games, making existing features better, etc.

And before you mention other free things that Sony offers, let me just say that I LOVE the fact that PSN is free. I think PSN and it's dedicated servers is the best service out there considering what you get for free.

BUT, Home was not worth it. And it won't be worth it for so long that I might not even be playing games at that point (i.e. dead) know what, if you like this thing I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise.

In fact, I'm not trying to convince you to hate home. I just don't think it was a smart move for Sony to waste so much money on something that is not going to interest the majority of gamers.

acedoh3596d ago

Since the beta began I have been a participant. The only thing that has really changed is the environments. Although HOME was really boring in the past because no one participated. Now when I go into HOME there are people everywhere. That is really what makes it. It's a place to socialize. When people go the bar or clubs they are not looking for tons of things to do... They are generally looking to socialize and hook up with those of the opposite sex. That is how I kind of see HOME minus the drinks. It's a place that can be considered safe to meet others...

jwatt3596d ago

I think Sony needs to listen to us and add the things that we want. If it wasn't for chess I wouldn't really be in Home, so that made me think that Sony needs to add something that people will like. It might not be the same thing I like but it could be a different feature that keeps a person coming back to Home.

I know it's free but what made me disappointed not necessarily with Home but with Sony is that they Delayed Home and they didn't really add anything for how long it's been delayed. I'm happy to have Home on the ps3 and I look forward to see how it evolves in the future my only concern is how much will Home evolved over how long of a period of time.

Monchichi0253596d ago

Anybody else notice how there are absolutely NO GIRLS!!! That kinda sucks.

Lykon3596d ago

I'm pretty much isolated in my game playing and to be honest i'm happy that way, but when i logged into HOME it was like , wow all these people from all over europe with there ps3's and i made my first psn friend and had a bit of a laugh with some guys. i think the graphics are great and it is a cool space to interact and has a huge amount of potential. I think IGN are being a bit harsh to be honest. They are probably bored graduates with cocain habits.

whoelse3596d ago

Its obvious that Sony got the beta out with less features than they planned, but they had to get it out before Christmas. The Red Bull island should be cool so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully Sony will be quick to add new stuff and respond to feedback. If you don't like the US one, then you will be even more appauled with the European Home.

TheExecutive3595d ago

People in the beta have been complaining about HOME since July 2007. I am glad you guys can join us :)

AngryHippo3595d ago

....glad to see its not just me and other people feel the same.

prowiew3595d ago

Sony shouldve waited more time or scrap the project.

Jake11113595d ago

I think this is one of the most innovative concepts in gaming history. Just think of the possibilities for future events.

Can you say virtual E3? Playing demos at E3, talking to developers.

Can you imagine Sony building actual places on earth? Like a virtual Las Vegas or a Virtual Hawaii that you can go visit? Virtual vacations to get to know the place before you spend your hard earned money on going there?

What about watching live concerts in Home? Real bands playing live. Never having to leave your living room to see the actual concert and you can view the concert in real time??

Real theatres. Watching actual movies.

Do you know what this will do for business? People rarely go to movies or concerts because it is a hastle to watch. How about watching them from your living room???

Give this a chance people!

The possibilites are ENDLESS. Bring it ON SONY!!!

Loving every minute of it :)

slinkey1233595d ago

Virtual E3! Man thats an AWESOME idea!!

The Killer3595d ago

yes E3 will be awesome, also watching the latest trailers of movies and games will be cool, playing demos and mini arcade games is cool!
watching live concerts or interview is something awesome, watcing the making of a game or a movie is also awesome meeting with friends virtually is awesome.

i think either HOME is still under development and people need to hold they final expressions until the full version is out or they need to give it another try and have an open mind and do what u r suppose to do there(i.e. make new friends, play free games with them, use the extra features it has if u want)

after all HOME is free and no body is forcing u to use it if u dont like it it just an extra for ps3 owners!! and sony spend a lot of time and money to make it and am sure they made it for good reasons, those reasons r so every ps3 owner can have something to say that other dont have, some new that no one have something advance that no one have and for everyone to be assured that sony is trying to give they customers the best wat technology can offer, ans something so that ps3 owners can shut up the other fanboys who is calling PSN is weak and inferior to xbox LIVE, because now XBOX LIVE is inferior to HOME! and NXE is nothing knew and doesnt offer enough innovation! its even breaking the 360s

DaTruth3595d ago

It's just that they are all guys with girl avatars which is seriously weird. This guy was dancing with a girl and asking her to put him on her friends list, So I told him that that girls name is Michael and she's a dude.

Marquis_de_Sade3595d ago

The Killer, why are you comparing a social app to an online gaming system? Honestly, fanboys.

3595d ago
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Sevir043596d ago

lol!!! the IGN team seems to all hate home. most of them said it's waist of money and mistake on Sony's part and is just plain stupid. LMAO well you cant please everyone and thats fine. I'm pretty happy with it. it shows plenty of promise

Genesis53596d ago

I hope that Red Bull island shows up soon and there is more things like that on the way.

lento3596d ago

"it shows plenty of promise"

it seriously does... there's soo much possibility with home.. it just came out as a public BETA. ppl gotta calm down. and ya, cant wait for the red bull island to hit. even with that alone theres potential - id watch a airshow :)

poopsack3596d ago

looking forward to the redbull island as well, i wanna fly those damn planes. I like the flying saucer thing, it looks really nice and its fun to play for a couple of minutes.

King_many_layers3596d ago

I agree with it showing promise, as a social aplication I think it's great, the main gripe I have is that they really need to get the one feature they've been showing for a long time in there and they need to get it NOW.


ATM only Warhawk has game launching and there really needs to be more games with it, they had best make this a mandatory thing aswell as the trophies because if they can do that I think that they've just created one hell of a partying system. Meet up in HOME, either in a social area, your house or at a clubhouse, form a party and go straight to the game. Then when you've had enough leave back into HOME chat with them some more and maybe play a different game.

that would be solid gold for me.

rogimusprime3596d ago

all over home. Sorry Sony, not too impressive out the Gate. But there's promise and I'm sure it will only grow. Actually there were a lot of people in the "city" when I was in the beta a few weeks back.

Be careful before you take a dump on it though, people thought the avatars on wii were stupid, and why is the NXE trying to emulate avatars and group gaming when LIVE works so well already? Probably because their marketing teams see this as the future of social networking...NOT JUST GAMING.

Me? I'm a gamer, in my mid twenties. I work 40+ hours a week in a boring office with people I hate. When i get off work, I want to blow up some chimera, or chainsaw some locust. I just don't have the time for HOME. But there are plenty of other people who will.

I still think SONY should focus their efforts on expanding the PSN, but more free stuff isn't bad. PLUS unlike NXE it isn't mandatory. Don't like it? DONT USE IT!

cherrypie3595d ago

"Meet up...form a party and go straight to the game."

Yeah. You're saying you'd like it more like LIVE?

Except with LIVE, all the games work. From Day one.

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Light Yagami3596d ago

Home is a bomb. Time to write it on my notebook.

ViceKingz3596d ago

you must mean home is THE bomb

fuzon3596d ago

Just like all x360 products

Home is in the beginning phase

lot of things would be added later

fufotrufo3596d ago

Poor Nasim!!

IGN the most respected site on the world according to you just killed home!!


bubububu its just a phaseee!!

hahahahahah OWNED!

dukadork3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Home is da bomb.

I was skeptical (never really been into the MMO thing) but surprisingly, I had a massive ball last night. if Home manages to appeal to guys like me, it is gonna be HUGE.

Customizing my avatar, inviting buddies in my apartment, visiting the game clubs, watching movie trailers while making fun of them, playing old school arcade games, shopping at the mall or just hanging out, dancing with tons of people who were all having fun was an eye opener.

it's starting to make sense now why people are whining and bashing it.
they are pooping their pants! Home makes NXE and Mii look like dinosaurs, it's so obvious, it's scary.

Very soon, we'll have parties at my summer house and we'll jump into online games directly from there. We'll capture ingame footage and play it back on the big screen to laugh at each others while listening to music: all online.

Later, we'll be buying games and stuff there as naturally as we do it on the web today.

Home is a revolution, I saw it last night.
haters: spare yourself some ridicule, you dunno what you're talking about

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SixAmpFuze3596d ago

Its always going to be a beta. Calling software beta is an excuse for glitches and rushing something

Canidae3596d ago

I think Gmail would care to disagree. It's one of the best e-mail services out there, if not the best, and it's still in beta form.

Real gamer 4 life3596d ago

Also n4g would disagree with you to.

xwabbit3596d ago

Dumb post of the day loL

she00win993596d ago

i think they will change their minds one year later, just like they change their minds about ps3...

mario8883596d ago

I been hanging out with my friends and I just bumped into a buddy of mine from the PS2 days. It's annoying but I know the network issues will be resolved.

ionstorm3596d ago

ahh the next year routine......