IGN: Standing in the Shadows Vol 1: Now Production

Contractors. Cut-out companies. Shadow developers. They go by different names, but more often that not, they aren't talked about at all. They remain the dirty little secret of Japan's game development giants – the true minds behind some of your favorite games, stripped of their credit by contracts that keep the whole deal hush-hush. You've probably never thought about it, and taken the name on the box at face value, but a truly startling number of Japanese games are shipped out to companies under the condition of secrecy.

Tose, the world's largest game developer, pioneered the business in 1979, and has since worked on over 1000 games for nearly every publisher in Japan. Whether someone needs a complete original property developed from scratch, or just a few extra hands to help on the sound engine, Tose can handle it, precisely to order, and keep it all on the down-low.

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