IGN: Optimizing Your PS3 for Blu-ray

The PlayStation 3, prior to the advent of sub-$300 Blu-ray players, was regarded as one of the cheapest and value-added ways of getting Blu-ray technology into your home. Despite the competitive price drops in standalone players, the PlayStation 3 remains an incredible value by offering users the ability to view and play high-definition videogames and multimedia content, all in one piece of hardware. Regardless of where your gaming allegiances lie, there is no contesting the fact that the PlayStation 3 is a multimedia powerhouse.

Most PlayStation 3 owners are new to Blu-ray hardware, and while just about any high-definition setup will provide breathtaking visual and audio presentation, there are a number of ways to fine-tune your player to maximize your player's performance.

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SONYSLAVE3598d ago

i will get it on my blu-ray player my real one that is. hehe

ambientFLIER3598d ago

Here's a good optimization tip: use the bundled A/V cables that come with the PS3! They provide the best picture, that's why Sony included them.