Interview | “Slitterhead wont focus on psychological horror” Toyama says

Toyama discuss is Slitterhead going to be an action-adventure game and expresses horror while aiming at a wide range of entertainment, also if the trailer on The Game Awards was running on in-game engine or not.

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Magog160d ago

Translated from Japanese to Arabic to English. I'm going to take anything here with a massive grain of salt.

DeathTouch160d ago

Sad. ): This seems like a step down from Silent Hill.

Magog160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

It's not meant to be silent Hill. Their last game was an action game (Gravity Rush) and they want to do a new series rather than try to make another slow paced horror game like silent Hill or Siren. They've already made lots of those games.

TricksterArrow160d ago

They literally said they were "going back to their roots" and cited "Silent Hill" left and right in this project. They never cited Gravity Rush as an inspiration, you can't really blame people for being disappointed. It's like citing the most delicious burger you ever ate as an inspiration for a ham sandwich. It can still be good, but it's not remotely like your inspiration.

Magog160d ago

@TricksterArrow considering nothing was shown that could be considered gameplay the experience of actually playing the game could be very different than the vibe given from the trailer.

plmkoh160d ago

I dunno, like Toyama's definition on "won't focus on psychological horror" could mean going from his usual next tier WTF is going on horror to just normal mind fuck levels.

160d ago
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