IGN: Wheelman Progress Report

IGN has seen Vin Diesel blow crap up in Wheelman before, but rarely has he done it with the style he displayed yesterday. In a "Fugitive" mission, which challenges Vin to get from one end of Barcelona to another while all sorts of enemies pop up to destroy him, he sped out in front of the sedan filled with thugs firing machine guns, pulled the e-brake, and pulled off a 180-degree turn that left him facing his enemies head-on while they sped at him and he sat in their path.

Of course, this whole dramatic move is happening in slow motion, and there's a set of crosshairs on the screen. Vin can pop each of the gunmen so their annoying projectiles will cease, the wheelman can pop the driver once in the skull and let the car drift to a stop, or Mr. Diesel can light up the car's engine and watch as the vehicle turns into a cartwheelling fireball

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