Getting Into PlayStation Home: News Updates 12/12/08

We are aware that many of you are experiencing difficulty getting into PlayStation Home right now, and are getting various error messages. We are tracking all these error messages and working on them.......

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TheMART3599d ago

Yes strange I get a C-931 error or something like that European Home

But on my USA account I can login without any problems

40cal3599d ago

That is the same error I was getting for the U.S. store on launch night. Seems to be running a lot better now. I have not tried to use my Europe PSN account yet though.

Brixxer6003599d ago

I just posted the same thing in the gamer zone, that error is supposedly due to "Very high levels of traffic".

chaosatom3599d ago

It's working fine for me.

Nathaniel_Drake3599d ago

Yeah I sometimes get that error but it takes a second to reconnect, sometimes I do it 3 or 4 times just to get in

TheDude2dot03599d ago

It didn't work the first time logging in, but then I got in the second time.

phello3599d ago

Same here and i have a terrible internet connection and was suprised how fluid everything worked. I am very impressed with home and the different regions have some cool stuff. I dont understand why europe does not have the game spaces like japan and usa.

Tomdc3599d ago

neither do I, coming next week though so all is good =D

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The story is too old to be commented.