Razer Boba Fett Wireless Controller Now Available

This looks like a must-own for fans. Calling all Star Wars fans! Today, Razer has launched the Razer Boba Fett Wireless Controller & Quick Charging Stand for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, now available for $179.

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darthv72412d ago

i got a buddy of mine to order me one from Best Buy in Canada since all the preorders (initially0 were on Ms store and Amazon had been sold out. BB wouldnt ship to me, so he is getting it and shipping it to me and now I see is opening their own orders for it.

just my luck... I did get the beskar mandalorian one though.

Garethvk412d ago

You at least got one though?

darthv72412d ago

Yeah, but I prob should have waited seeing as its now available through razer. By my going through canada I ended up paying more because of shipping. I tried to get it through amazon and ms store and both had sold out which i thought best buy was the last option. Until now... It cost me $247 total instead of the $196 it would have been had I waited to get it from razer.

Knightofelemia412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

$179 man Disney must have a high licensing fee not for that price if they threw in other characters besides Boba Fett I might consider it.

Garethvk412d ago

I am guessing license is a huge part. Scentsy has Marvel and Disney items and they have a huge price point; warmers that are 40-50 are 100 with Disney characters on them.

412d ago