Square Enix details Forspoken PS5 graphics modes and haptic feedback features

Square Enix recently revealed the three graphics modes of Forspoken on PS5, as well as the game's DualSense haptic feedback features.
Performance Mode – 1440p resolution at 60FPS
Graphics Mode – 4K resolution at 30FPS
Ray Tracing Mode – Features ray tracing

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phoenixwing151d ago

Ray tracing mode is interesting. I bet they turned down a bunch of other effects for it to work

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Tapani151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

This begs the question: Is 1440p native, or upscaled, and is 4K native or upscaled? If indeed PS5 can use something like FSR Quality mode to upscaled 1440p at 60fps to 4K, it will be a sight to behold. On the otherhand, if the 1440p is DSR, and maybe the resolution is somewhere between 900p-1440p to hold the 60fps on a graphics heavy game like Forspoken, that's another story entirely.

If they talk about native resolutions, Forspoken would continue the trend and shows that Big Navi with double the teraflops and CUs gives the next gen 4K60 raster experience, whereas PS5 and Xbox Series X can do that at 1440p. If on PC you can add FSR in the mix, you'll get an upscaled 4K60 with ray tracing. However, it won't be as smooth as raster, so I'll be forgetting ray tracing myself this gen.

Once almost full path tracing is available in games and GPUs that can handle it maybe in 2025-2026, I'll take a look at it. Smooth 60fps and 1662p or higher resolution that is upscaled smartly to 4K is the way to go right now. Otherwise you'll be tinkering the settings forever and never finding a smooth mode.

matt139151d ago

In 2026 i would hope 1440-4k at 120fps is the new standard although that may be optimistic for consoles. Once you get used to a high refresh rate, 60 feels very choppy.

ps360owner09151d ago


120fps will never be the standard except for the fortnite, call of duty, pew pew shooter crowd.

Once you get used to 4k with all the eye candy/settings on max with ray tracing, 1440p at 120fps looks like trash.

InUrFoxHole151d ago

I don't know why but from the 1st trailer, the hype is real. Honestly if it's 1080p and 30fps I'll play it