Game Pass Ruled 2021, Giving Us A Glimpse Of An Xbox-Less Future

Xbox’s 20th birthday was all about killing the Xbox. Over the course of 2021, Microsoft, if nothing else, laid the framework to make its flagship gaming box irrelevant.

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SullysCigar158d ago

Many of us spotted this ages ago. Microsoft is building itself out of the console market and into an online multiplatform service from where it will publish it's games.

Gampass is bigger than Xbox at this point and they'll want to get their games on every platform, if they can.

Witchcraft158d ago

Console wars are over. Nintendo won.

fr0sty158d ago

Ninty got out of the dedicated console race long ago, and went with what they've always been strongest at, handhelds. The Switch is just a handheld with a dock that lets you plug it into a TV.

158d ago Replies(1)

"Microsoft is building itself out of the console market and into an online multiplatform service from where it will publish it's games."

Yes...and Sony will do the same thing. The only difference is that Microsoft has a large head start. Hell, even Switch has cloud versions of Dying Light 2, Guardians of the Galaxy etc. Everyone's going in the same direction, just at a different pace.

Game development is getting more expensive. It makes sense to have your games on as many platforms as possible to get as much ROI as possible. ...hence why you're now seeing Horizon, GOW, and Uncharted on PC.

157d ago
TheRealTedCruz157d ago

Ages ago?

Gamepass came after services like PS Now, and only blew up late last generation.
MS is sitting on probably its strongest generation to date for Xbox hardware.
The reason "Gamepass is bigger than Xbox" is because MS actively supports PC gaming, and also streaming services.
Something Sony is actively following suit on, with more and more games coming to PC, with shorter windows, and them currently in the works of their own proper version of Gamepass.

If MS is actively trying to get out of the console market they're doing a terrible job, because they're making great decisions as a games company, that is only resulting in moving more Xbox hardware.


Isn't it funny how PS NOW had a console-less Android TV app at one point...yet I don't recall SullysCigar proclaiming that Sony will "leave the console business"

Yet when Microsoft does the same's suddenly doom and gloom *sigh*

Gamer75157d ago

People have been saying for years now that MS is going to stop making consoles and it hasn't happened yet, guess if people say it often enough they might be right one day

Lightning77157d ago

Click their heels 3 times and we'll see I guess. This has been said since 2016 when MS started releasing games on PC.

5 years later nobody still understands the concept of options.

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moriarty1889158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

So much for Phil saying they would always support a physical console……I will always prefer a console not a sub service. Just my opinion.

darthv72158d ago

Im not exactly sure on the wording but I think it was more "we will support physical consoles, if the market dictates it" or something to that effect. Which is totally the case with any company that is in an industry where dynamics can change. They have to be liquid and able to change with it. If you remain solid then there is a greater chance of things flowing right around and passing you by.

porkChop157d ago

I mean, they're still making consoles. There's still a large market for them. Xbox isn't going to stop selling consoles if there's still consumer demand.

Bruh157d ago

Last I checked Series X/S are still in production loll, so idk why you're freaking out

Lightning77157d ago

"So much for Phil saying they would always support a physical console"

Huh? Did Phil announce they're not selling the Series consoles anymore?

Tacoboto157d ago

Phil announced a year ago they're already working on the next hardware.

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GamesAsAService158d ago

Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that this is an interesting experiment.

I have Game Pass and feel that there is good value to be had.

And as long as there are options for how people choose to consume their games (physical, digital, subscriptions, etc...) I don't see a problem.

For me, my local market for new games is approaching $100 per game.

For the same price, I can get Game Pass for a year. (you can get it cheaper with certain promotions).

At $100/game I cannot afford to buy a game that I do not enjoy. I cannot experiment with new genres I would typically not play. It is an expensive (relatively speaking) and depressing mistake.

I like the non committal nature of Game Pass. I will try a bunch of games, and while I may like 25% of the games I try, at least I was able to try all of these games conveniently and at no additional cost to myself. I have discovered genres of games that I now love, but I would not have experimented with that genre in the past.

I am fine if people don't like Game Pass. But FOR ME it makes the most financial sense, and has resulted in me playing MORE games that I ever have in the past. For me that is a win.

I hope with my own story, people can at least understand why someone might actually enjoy Game Pass.

GamerRN157d ago

I'm totally confused how this means Xbox will be gone..

If anything it gives it legs as a console loader

wiz7191157d ago

@gamerRN I think Sony fans just want Xbox to fade away so bad, nothing wrong with options that’s what I feel like they’re doing. To have some grip on the casual and hardcore gaming market.

TheRealTedCruz157d ago


There are diehard only Sonys on here that literally want to see the console space monopolized by Sony.
Nintendo is pretty much off doing its own thing, so Microsoft is basically the only actual competition standing in their way of owning the market.

With $60 pieces of plastic for the PS5, and being the only of the big 3 charging $70 for their 1st party releases, I'd hate to see what their practices would be if unopposed.

porkChop157d ago

I feel you. The price of games is ridiculous in Canada. It's $101 after tax. I can't afford to spend that much, especially with how many games release unfinished or broken. There are very few games I'm willing to spend that much on. For most games I have to wait until they're on sale.

arkard157d ago

It only makes sense now, they are still in sorting users phase. When it had to be profitable and sustainable what will that monthly cost look like and will it still be a good deal. Guess we will find out.

GamesAsAService157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

How I judge the cost is this way. How many games do you play a year?

Take that number and multiply that by the cost and divide by 12 months.

That is your average monthly cost for your gaming hobby.

(# of games played a year) x (cost of each game) / 12

If that cost exceeds the cost of gamepass, get gamepass. If not then don't worry about it.

Obviously, if you know EXACTLY what you want to play, and gamepass doesn't offer those games, then don't bother.

Its all about perceived value for yourself.

I like a buffet style. Try a little bit of that, more of that, etc...

WelkinCole157d ago

Its a question of quality over quantity and ownership.

For a long time we were use to 3 or 4 great game worth their asking price which we get to own forever every 1/4 and that was fine. Espesically for PS gamers that use to get game of the year level games reguarly.

I was very satisified with that model because no one really has all the time in the world to play games.

Now with GaaS we are seeing the Netflix effect. I mean look at the game awards this year?

Under the guies of variety we get so many games but the truth is most of them are just filler games. This is sad to see and with the market moving that way I think we will never get anymore generational games going forward.

GamesAsAService157d ago

Yea there are some interesting trends happening in the industry. I am not sure all of them are bad.

To your point, yes I agree there are many games that are filler and not my taste.

However, even games that I THINK would be up my alley, may actually turn out to be something I don't end up liking. This is the risk. I just don't want to spend $100 on a new game that I end up not liking. That is the whole point of game pass.

Regarding time commitment. Yes, my time is limited and precious to me, which is why I like having a way to abandon a game that I am not enjoying and not feel guilty about having spent money on it. I don't have to waste time on something I don't enjoy because I bought it. Those are the advantages to me.

Everyone has different wants and needs, but for me Game Pass is working well for now.

TheRealTedCruz157d ago

So Wasteland 3, Psychonauts 2, Halo Infinite, Horizon 5, It Takes Two, the Ascent, Back 4 Blood, Control, Doom Eternal, The Forgotten City ... the list goes on.

They haven't justified not even two years of Gamepass?

And that list could highly go on. Those are just the ones that I know actually won awards.

The first few off the top of my head. The last few simply scrolling down the list, just into the "F" out of A-Z category.

WelkinCole157d ago

Well lets look at the records sofar. How many GTA's we had since GTA5?

Use to be 2 GTA games a gen which normally define a generation.

Have we had any games of the level of SkyRim or Witcher 3 lately?

What about Sony's studios?

Honestly I can't even remember Game of the Year for the last 3 years.

Its not where the money is anymore

CantThinkOfAUsername157d ago

Hmmm, 2020 was The Last of Us Part II, 2019 was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, 2018 was God of War, 2017 was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 2016 was Overwatch (a disgrace), 2015 was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Zeref158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

lol what a dumb article, you can already play Xbox games without an Xbox and the console is doing just fine still

Sonyslave3158d ago

I know right i wonder how he/she feel about playstation spartacus, since Sony is copying Gamepass 😃

generic-user-name157d ago

Lol, unless Spartacus has day and date launch titles there, it's just a PS NOW rebranding.

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