Game Informer's Top 10 Games Of 2021

Game Informer ranks its must-play titles of the year including Game of the Year.

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autobotdan953d ago

Xbox Domination on Game Informer magazine top 10 games of the year. Entire Playstation fanbase cancels subscriptions to the magazine lol

Ethereal953d ago

Can we stop with this sh*t? We are all gamers at the end the day and Xbox making waves is good for the industry. Competition makes companies push and adapt on either side of the fence.

NotanotherReboot953d ago

Dang Xbox really the kings of gaming right about now!!

MadLad953d ago

Think it's easy to say that MS made well on who they chose to bring into the fold.

We aren't in the Xbox One days anymore.

Psychonauts 2, Infinite, and Horizon 5 were definitely highlights of the year for me. Haven't played Deathloop yet.

It Take Two is easily one of the best coop games ever ever played, and definitely deserves to be on the list.

neutralgamer1992953d ago

Finally some real competition because as gamers that's what we want. The more they compete for our money and attention the better quality content and products we will get

MadLad953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

I wish people shared the same sentiment on here. A lot don't.

People on here trashed Xbox all last generation. Deservedly so. But there was a major turn around come the release of the Xbox One X.

They doubled down on BC.
They created a highly pro consumer service that quickly took off.
They started concentrating on in house development again.
They were producing hardware that developers could really get behind.

Literally doing everything you would hope one of the big 3 would do, and you still now just have detractors trying to take away from the wins Microsoft are achieving.

It's supposed to be about the games. Not the plastic box you play them on.

Sony is currently at work on their Gamepass equivalent, apparently.
They're going to need to focus that much harder on their 1st party releases, now that it seems that's no longer going to be a weak spot for MS.

Gamers should want this. But no; it's still just the typical fanboy war tribalistic mentality it always is.

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Xbox-exclusive Helljumpers could be competing with Helldivers 2 very soon

The absence of Helldivers 2 on Xbox continues to be felt by its players, as Arrowhead Game Studios’ team-based shooter remains one of the year’s most popular games. However, that could soon change with the impending arrival of developer The Forge Falcons’ Xbox-exclusive Helljumpers.

rlow134d ago

Didn’t know about this one. Will keep an eye out for it.

Cacabunga34d ago

Very original title.. wonder how they came out to that

Kurt Russell34d ago

It's just people having fun in forge, calm down

RaidenBlack34d ago

'Helljumpers' is the nickname for Halo's ODSTs (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) and predates Helldiver franchise by about 11 years.
calm down.

PhillyDonJawn34d ago

I can enlighten you. ODST a type of marine in Halo orbital drop shock trooper. Aka helljumpers.

Christopher34d ago

Yeah, Helljumpers existed prior to Helldivers.


Ok, so Helldivers guys want to fight Helljumpers guys... I'm just gonna leave this here.

babadivad33d ago

Halo ODST soldiers are called HellJumpers.

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darthv7234d ago

so... this is a mode for Halo?

gold_drake34d ago

"As always, we look forward to bringing the Helldivers 2 experience to Halo Infinite"

should you be chasing someone elses concept? make your own and stand out.

this is a lazy, imo, thing to do.

Redgrave34d ago

In this case, I will say that's a poor argument because look at all the soulslikes and such. There will always be the first, and then all the imitations/inspirations that follow.

gold_drake34d ago

sure, they specifically call out helldivers tho ha

repsahj34d ago

Even the name is so unique?

dumahim34d ago

Following a game type trend is one thing, but to do that and come up with a name that's very similar as well takes it to a whole new level. In the movie biz, they call stuff like this a "Mockbuster" movie, kind of like Transmorphers.

RaidenBlack34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

ODST ('Helljumpers' is their nickname) as a concept existed way before Helldivers 1 (by about 11 years) ... it was never properly executed in the Halo FPS games' multiplayer ...

PhillyDonJawn34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It was revealed 343 actually had plans to release a side halo game with that concept but MS turned it down.

To those making comments about the name, thinking theyre ripping it/copying. Yall clearly don't play Halo 😂