Forspoken Looks Pretty But Its World Seems So Empty | Gamespot

Forspoken seems to be a call back to '90s and early 2000s isekai stories, back when the Japanese genre more regularly featured female protagonists.

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gamer7804159d ago

It definitely has the tech demo feel

Ninver159d ago

I predict lots of mixed reviews with this one.

SullysCigar159d ago

Yeah, there's some it just won't resonate with based on what we've seen so far. Maybe they're listening to people and tweak accordingly.

GhostofHorizon159d ago

He starts actually talking about the game about half way through, the first half is about being worried that the game featuring a POC is written by white people.

Get the important stuff out of the way first, we can now make up our mind to see if we like it based on that knowledge.

Sometimes it feels like the major game journalist establishments like Gamespot and Kotaku are in a race to figure out most angles on how to be offended more by every single aspect of game development. They shifted their focus from gameplay, art direction and all the great stuff that makes games fun and get hung up on the colour or sex of a character.

Tacoboto159d ago

When you're a story-heavy game and the main character is who she is specifically because the game's own DIRECTOR wanted the game to revolve around female characters, it tells you a lot.

Mitsuno says woman or female like five times himself in one paragraph. The game is what it is because they deliberately womanized it from the very beginning of the project.

Don't attack the journalist when this time it's straight from the director's own mouth.

GhostofHorizon159d ago

I made a few different points there and I can see how you would take away a wrong point from my rant, that's my fault.

Basically, he journalist spent the same amount of time previewing how politically correct the game is as he did with the rest of the game. Something that should be of the highest important to a video game. If I wanted an amazing story I'd go watch something that focuses on that.

Just to be clear, I have no issues with who or what is in the game, I have no issues with a predominantly female cast or the colour of their skin. I'll play this game because it simply looks fun and I've learned to take the story in games with a grain of salt.

Tacoboto159d ago

The journalist spent the time talking about the character you're going to spend dozens of hours playing as and the context in which she was created/designed. Pretty important in an RPG, and it's pretty important to highlight the type of person they're crafting, that we're supposed to relate to as the player, is someone only present in motion capture and not in the writer's room.

How is he supposed to preview the gameplay the way you want when no journalist is allowed to touch a controller and play it yet? That is also so very telling to me that the publisher is masking a boring game by shoving their character in our faces.

159d ago
Spenok159d ago

Glad to know I can avoid this drivel.

The title threw me off given what we've seen so far.

CrimsonWing69159d ago

I might be the only who thinks this, but the environments and combat give me a little bit of a Dragon’s Dogma vibe.

Mr_Luke159d ago

Still hyped for this :D

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The story is too old to be commented.