Why Frey’s fingernails will play an important role in Forspoken’s gameplay

RPGs have had many different physical representations of buffs and bonuses, from Dark Souls’ Rings to Dishonored’s Bone Charms, but Forspoken might be the first game to use fingernails and nail art.

Revealed during a new set of previews, Frey’s nail art will play an important role in growing your power and strength throughout the game’s fantastical journey. By painting her nails with different designs, Frey will be able to boost her spellcasting ability. In a recent gameplay preview from IGN, we were shown Blue Flash Nails in an in-game menu which causes Frey’s attack spells to charge quicker. Another Nail which has been already revealed are the Overclock Nails, which are available with a pre-order of Forspoken, although their effect hasn’t been detailed.

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