Most Anticipated Video Game Sequels Coming In 2022

The Gamer : 2022's release calendar is studded with hotly anticipated sequels for some of our all-time favorites.

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Magog159d ago

Forbidden West, GT7, and GoW Ragnarok are all that matters.

annoyedgamer159d ago

Forbidden west will look great on my PC.

Magog159d ago

In 5 years. By then it will be dated, lol

Atticus_finch159d ago

By then Horizon 3 will already look better.

RaidenBlack159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

For a strictly sequel list, Mine are : STALKER 2, Forbidden West, Plague Tale: Requiem, GoW Ragnarok, Baldur's Gate 3
Also since its Infinity Ward's turn next year, so: CoD: MW'22.
FF XVI, too .... since 2022 release seems likely.

CoNn3rB159d ago

Never played a Stalker game before so I'm looking forward to getting into Stalker 2. It has a Metro vibe that I'm always up for

159d ago
Nerdmaster159d ago

I sold my Wii U and really miss Bayonetta 2. I still didn't buy it again on my Switch because I'm hoping they will release a special trilogy package,

annoyedgamer159d ago

You can use an emulator to play it on PC.

Knightofelemia159d ago

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands besides Ragnarok, Horizon, Breath of the Wild 2 are on my list for sure.

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