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343 Industries has finally hit a new level with its latest Halo endeavor.

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BenRC01161d ago

I think you need to have loved halo 1-3 to get the most out of this game. Parts of it feel old fashioned (in the best possible way) but after the criticism 4 and 5 received I totally get going back to "good old halo" and refini g the hell out of it.
It's everything I loved about bungies halo with a crap ton of extra stuff thrown in.

DJStotty160d ago

It is definitely a throwback to the original trilogy, and so far i am thoroughly enjoying the game, currently around 7 hrs in on my Legendary playthrough :P

crazyCoconuts160d ago

Is it really just a 10 hour game? was looking at howlongtobeat

DJStotty160d ago (Edited 160d ago )


"currently 7 hours in", 7 hrs and i have only just got to the open world section, and done a few cores, outposts, a lot longer than a 10 hour game lol, i have also only done 1 campaign mission in the open world.

archibold159d ago

It literally took me 10 hours to beat the game on heroic, that's with getting all the cores and mjolnir lockers.. Still, the moment to moment gameplay is fun

TheRealTedCruz160d ago

343 finally hit it out of the part.
Disliked 4; didn't have an Xbox to ever have even tried Halo 5, but didn't hear great things outside of the multiplayer.

Infinite though? Possibly my favorite of the series, alongside Reach.
The gunplay is easily best in the series. I wasn't sure about the open world, but it's not overbearing and we finally have vehicles in a prominent role again.

The multiplayer is also great, though I've always been mainly for the campaign.

iplay1up2160d ago

I didn't like Halo 5 much at all. Infinite is much better!

BenRC01160d ago

Never though I'd say it but infinite might be my fave too. The move to open world is fantastic, exploring the ring and wuppin ass feels better than ever.
The new cortana bitch is annoying as hell though. Don't need preppy jailbait in my super soldier shooter thanks.

TheRealTedCruz160d ago

I like the open world because it's not overbearing and everything you do offers significant benefits for completing them.

As for Weapon, I actually like her and her writing. When they first showed her, I saw myself finding her obnoxious as well, but was pleasantly surprised.
It's kind of funny seeing a young, naive Cortana who is still learning the ins and outs of the world and humanity. They didn't go full blown teen girl syndrome like they could have, but I can still see why some may not take to her.

SurgicalMenace160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

After putting more time into it, it managed to do the same thing BoTW did. Create a world with mechanics others games in its genre does better. Open world FPS is ruled by Far Cry and no other game has been able to capture the open world options it offers. To be fair though, what more can be done? The approaches have all been explored by Far Cry, Crysis, Fallout, Borderlands, Outer Worlds, etc. It is good enough as a Halo game, it's just not blazing any new trails. The formula is like that of Coke and Pepsi, both colas with slightly different ingredients. It comes down to preference really.


The grunts comments makes this game so much better. The amount of dialog they have is staggering. Excellent job 343. Best shooter I've played all year hands down.

TheRealTedCruz159d ago

When you get stranded on that island for a minute, and you get those grunt hosted radio sequences Hello Vietnam style ..

That's just hilarious.