Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity Gameplay - Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack

CG writes: We take a look at the recently released Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack for Destiny 2. Strange trader XUR gets more of a look-in with his own gameshow type DLC content. Check out the Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity gameplay – a co-op addition to the game with a twist. Available now on consoles and PC. Our video features the PC version running at max settings in 4K resolution.

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darkrider157d ago

Still waiting for the huge update for this game. What is Bungie doing. They have the gameplay, the graphic engine, the knowledge to go further and aren't bidding by Activision.

Parasyte157d ago

This was a big update. The next full expansion is in February of next year.

dbcoops157d ago

I think you mean wasn't.

DeusFever157d ago

If you mean Destiny 3, maybe never. The future of Destiny looks like more Destiny 2 with smaller DLC drops and a rotation of legacy content.

darkrider157d ago

Maybe now I think Activision wasn't the real problem. Because right now we would be playing destiny 3. Their formula was better then bungie. You got the game, some dlc and then another game. What bungie is doing isn't good, but they still got more then 1 million playing daily..

LucasRuinedChildhood157d ago

I know they added in some free missions for new players but I can't believe that they deleted the original Red War campaign out of the game (people bought the game for €70), and are actively deleting DLC that people purchased even including Forsaken which is supposed to very good.

I was going to play the hell out of this game and buy all the DLC because of the 4K 60fps PS5 version, but I can't support a game that will just delete things I've purchased like its nothing because they didn't develop a game designed for continuous DLC expansions to be extendable.

Ethereal157d ago

Sunsetting major stuff like that is pretty jarring. Personally, I would have much rather they preserved the campaigns and just released Destiny 3 with new mechanics, enemy race, and a brand new class. I love it but I've sort of checked out knowing that the grind for gear just ends up getting replaced by the new carrot and all the loot you've work for can potentially disappear.

dbcoops157d ago

They don't Sunset anymore after player backlash, they do Vault stuff with the intention of it returning at some point.

Ethereal157d ago

Right. And I have the intention of winning the lottery. Regardless, removing the Red War or Forsaken campaign sucks. Full stop.