Pocket Gamer: Five games we'd like to see ported to N-Gage

Pocket Gamer writes:

"After discussing what we thought Nokia needed to do in order for N-Gage to stay in the game, we got to thinking a little more specifically about what games we'd like to see on the platform. Not in terms of fresh IP, you understand, but simply the sort of games we've seen on other platforms that would be a good fit.

It's not as simple as picking our favourite games, either. We're thinking of titles that would suit the characteristics of the N-Gage platform. In terms of controls, each of these games could be played comfortably with a directional pad and one or two buttons. Some would make use of the N-Gage's 3D capabilities, but none are set in the sort of expansive worlds that would suffer for the lack of an analogue stick."

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