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It has been a long time coming for Halo Infinite and 343 Industries. The developer, whose sole purpose is to make Halo games, remains stuck in the shadow of Bungie. While Halo 4 was an enjoyable experience that laid the groundwork for the future of the franchise.

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AuraAbjure167d ago

I'm going to give 343 Industries some time to breathe before I judge this game. Dang pandemic did not spare this game's development. No ray tracing even with an extra year, no co-op at launch. I blame the pandemic.

Rachel_Alucard167d ago

Its got nothing to do with the pandemic. Look at the 5 years of dev time they had without the pandemic. They had terrible leadership, failing designs, mismanagement, and constant reliance on contract workers instead of people who looked at the project as a passion instead of another job.

InUrFoxHole167d ago

It absolutely has to do with the pandemic and piss poor leadership.

Rachel_Alucard167d ago

The pandemic isn't going to magically dissolve 5 years of bad work in a year. You have no evidence to suggest it other then conjecture. Designs don't magically get altered to be worse just because of remote work.

InUrFoxHole167d ago

Are you trying to tell me before the pandemic hit the game was complete? No, it needed more work. You're under the impression I'm saying the sole reason or even the majority of the reason the game doesn't have all features is because of covid. To sit there and say it no no effect at all is a bit silly. Keep in mind that means I'm saying it's primarily because of piss poor leadership.

Rachel_Alucard167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Of course it was never complete I never said that. I said the pandemic has no effect on the design process from the get go. Being forced to work from home or whatever, is not going to cause whole systems to be designed around making money or having to log in every day for the weekly, or the fact the daily shop is even a thing. Not to mention the complete 180 direction from interviews that were made at the peak of the pandemic. The pandemic cannot be used as an excuse when your foundation is garbage. 343 has consistently proven over the years to be incapable of handling the IP without dragging their fingers over the chalkboard in some aspects or more. Hiring Joe Staten back has probably been one of the best decisions they made in years, but he was hired back way too late in the project and had 0 time to effectively develop the game beyond trying to steer Infinite back on course. He even stated when he came back, none of the marines actually interacted with the player beyond just being stationary in areas, so he fixed that. There is too much leftover from the previous nincompoops that Staten cannot remove or remake in time. I hope in time things get better with him, but it's just too much work in too little time.

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neutralgamer1992167d ago

You can't have 6 years of development and almost unlimited budget yet the game launches without missing key features/modes. Let's not forget this was suppose to be a launch title with XSX so they got an extra year and we maybe lucky to have a complete package by next year

I see Xbox fans defending this yet some of the same gamers wouldn't give another developer the same benefit of doubt. Halo just isn't what it used to be and it peaked at Halo 3. No game since than has come close in sales or impact. Basically MP is F2P so it gets a break and for a campaign which is missing features/modes they are charging full price. I just hope that this isn't the future of gamepass where games will launch and overtime get fixed

Kurt Russell166d ago

I am not defending it, but I am bloody glad they delayed it and did things the way they have. Who knows what we would have ended up with had they of not. I want Forge and Co-Op real bad, but at least the campaign and current MP is a lot of fun as it is... It must have been in some real danger a year ago, enough to kill the franchise.

neutralgamer1992166d ago

Kurt Russell

Definitely agreed it was no where near ready last year so a delay was must. And TBH it needed another 6-9 months to have the complete package. Ms had FH5 this year so they could given Halo more time

CaptainHenry916167d ago

I blame 343 industries because this game was in development for 6 years and even before the pandemic even started

TheDoomedGuy167d ago

3/5 is what I'd give the game so far and I'm about 50% or more done with it.

Sure the gameplay is amazing but that's about the only thing that really jumps and is awesome the whole time.

Sound is whatever. Even though the score is great it doesn't necessarily stick out during gameplay. I've only ever noticed it during exploration when you reach a Vista.

Open world itself is quite mediocre. And the story so far is also mediocre.

phoenixwing167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Gameplay is 80 to 90 percent of a game honestly. If not all of it. But I understand I think. It's like on destiny 2 where the gameplay is tight but the content is repetitive.

TheDoomedGuy167d ago

Precisely. Gameplay is all fun and good but at the end the score needs to be the sum of all of its parts. Can't be scoring the game a 9/10 simply because the gunplay is very good. I personally prefer destiny's gunplay btw.

And I should've been more specific. To be there's a difference between the gameplay in halo and the gunplay. The gameplay in the single player campaign isn't all that great but the gunplay, like in multiplayer, is great.

I find myself swinging from one fob or point of interest to the next without much thought at all. Only enjoying the traversal because of the grappling hook.

Kurt Russell166d ago

For the most part I agree, apart from Audio. I think they have done a great job with spatial sound, you get a real sense of where objects and enemies are around you from the audio, better than most games in my opinion.

TheDoomedGuy166d ago

Not saying its bad. All games i play have had great audio though so its become an expectation for me.

TheRealTedCruz166d ago

The majority of the game is the gunplay...
As for the open world, it's actually a breath of fresh air having it be there, but not overbearing.

GoodGuy09167d ago

The campaign gameplay was fun but story and missions were lackluster and filled with that repetitive open world filler drag. And the excuse is because itll be treated like a live service. Pretty much just a prologue for whats to come.

Multiplayer still needs work. Gameplay is great though.

DJStotty165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

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