GamesRadar: 2008 sucked compared to 2007

December is always good for a fight. As gamers – and as gaming journalists – GamesRadar used this time each year to argue over everything, from the "best new shooter" and "greatest graphics" to the "worst voice acting" or "biggest disappointment." They award their favorites, mock their least favorites and shout at anybody whose opinion differs from our own. It's a wonderful holiday tradition.

The one thing they can usually all agree on, however, is that gaming has progressed. Gaming has evolved. Gaming has, over the past 12 months, grown at least a little more advanced than it was over the previous 12 months. Right?

Not this year. 2008 was, in their opinion, an overall step backwards for their hobby. Games were less original, less groundbreaking, less surprising, less exciting and – in many cases – simply less good when compared to the games of 2007. Here are five examples why.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

(For 360 loyalists AKA Gamesradar)

jammy_703601d ago

this has been ps3's year more than 360's thought there have been good games from both consoles, but ps3 had a LOT better games then 07, 07 was 360's year, they wont get another 1 like that! ps3 on the other hand.....

Danja3601d ago

each console had great games this year ...

360 had a better year last year
PS3 had the better year this year..

PirateThom3601d ago

Mirror's Edge?
Gears of War 2?
Metal Gear Solid 4?
Fallout 3?

You know, 2007 was good, but I think it's fair to say 2008 topped it, the games were better and there was a lot more originality.

Don't get me wrong, 2007 had some good games, but I felt 2008 just went beyond it.

- Ghost of Sparta -3601d ago

Gamesradar is run by 360 fanatics so it's no wonder they believe 2008 sucked. Hardly any good games on 360 this year.

PirateThom3601d ago

3 of the 5 games I listed were on 360. :P

The 360 also had Fable II, which was a good game. There was no shortage of good games on 360 or PS3 this year.

- Ghost of Sparta -3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Clearly I meant exclusive. -_-

In their list, they left out MGS4, LBP, WipEout HD, etc. It's a pretty stupid comparison.

Kleptic3601d ago

it was 2007 that sucked imo...halo 3?...Cod 4 wiped the floor with it...and cod 4 was far from original...

Mass Effect?...slideshows are fun, i agree...but it was a somewhat broken rpg overall, despite having an excellent story...

Heavenly, but way too short...

Uncharted...most underrated game of this generation by far, and easily one of the top 2 single player games I've played in years...

and that was it...Bioshock was great too, but I never found it to be as crazy awesome as a lot of others...played it on PC last fall...then rented it this year again on Ps3 (actually, haven't even started it yet though) definitely is a game that shouldn't be missed, but wasn't as perfect as a lot of people said imo...

I'm not saying 2007 was bad...just that, if anything, this year sparked far more original content, and overall bigger releases...halo 3 was supposed to pretty much be the game of this generation...and it was merely a placeholder for the 2007 GOTY to show up 2 months later...bizarre I know...Halo crushed by a call of duty shooter ported to 4 systems...and everything else fell somewhat under expectations (save Uncharted as i already mentioned)...

LBP, MGS4, Gears 2, Fable 2, Fallout 3, and even the overrated GTAIV are ALL better than everything but CoD 4 imo...last year had nothing on 2008...period...

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TheMART3601d ago


Bioshock indeed pure greatness and its better then Dead Space
COD4 indeed is better then COD5


Gears 2
GHWT (because it took Rockband a step further in instruments (drums&guitar) and the music composer. Setlist in R1 and R2 is better though)
Left 4 Dead with the director that makes the game as hard as you are good (or bad)
Fable 2

So many other games with new ideas like Mirrors Edge (although I don't like the game but well)

Nah I have to say a game like Bioshock was exceptional, but so is Gears 2 and LBP.

Overall 2008 is better for sure.

Bathyj3601d ago

Did you just praise a PS3 game? I mean, you left out so many, no doubt on purpose, but still, you gave props to LBP. WOW

First, the softening of Crabs hard shell and now this. Its like praise from Ceasar. I honestly expected peace in the middle East before this day would happen.

Hey, I'm not the type to rub your nose in it and say I told you so, I'm simply glad some people are letting go of the hate, and, you know, acting like gamers. Next thing you know we'll be having civil conversations one day. We can only hope. And remember, All are welcome.

PS, look a little harder Mart theres alot more fun than one game to be had.

felidae3601d ago

yeah, i still think that Bioshock is THE best game ever.

Eiffel3601d ago

"I honestly expected peace in the middle East before this day would happen. "


Nathan Drake3601d ago

Is it because you only own 1 console?

2008 for me:

Best Games-MGS4,GeOW2,LBP.
Biggest disappointments-Too Human,GTA4,Ninja Gaiden 2,Gears of War 2 Multiplayer
Biggest surprise:Loved Braid,Loved Motorstorm,Hated Banjo
Games I still need to finish:Dead Space(360 version),Fallout 3(Ps3 version)

2007?Bioshock and Uncharted were all that stood out,everything else was overhyped to the max *coughMassEffectcough*

austere3601d ago

yep...owning both consoles like myself....this year is the best year in awhile. Can't remember when there were so many games released that I had to pick and choose other than this year. MGS4, Gears 2, Resistance 2, Dead Space were all amazing games that pop into my head right off the bat.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3601d ago

2008 did suck in games....for the xbox, they better spin off halo and gears till the tap runs out cause thats all their holding on too,

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