The Escapist: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

Ultimately, though, Hell's Highway is a good game teetering on the cusp of greatness, with only a few incongruous design decisions holding it back. The story, though more or less a movie that occasionally interrupts a vaguely related game, is well implemented, and the tactical gameplay is enjoyable when the A.I. isn't raining on your parade. If nothing else, Hell's Highway is a change of pace from what all the other guys are doing. If World War II shooters are your thing, you'll probably have a good, but not great time with Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

Bottom line: With an engrossing character-driven storyline and brain-bending gameplay, Hell's Highway is a wild ride, but inconsistent A.I. and a few perplexing design choices keep the good times from achieving maximum rollage.

Recommendation: Rent it if you've never played a Brothers in Arms title, but can list off The History Channel's weekday lineup in under a minute. Buy it if you enjoyed the other two games in the series.

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